The 911 truth movement grows and grows. Architects, firefighters, lawyers, pilots and now military officers. Certain things about that day have never been properly explained: Dick Cheney’s movements, the refusal of the FBI to release the Pentagon security camera films, the way the Twin Towers imploded–the list is long.

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  1. The military is ‘fessing up
    The military is ‘fessing up that it wasn’t the way all the power people said it was…sure is a horrible replay of the JFK assassination farcical cover up! My only question is: why is the military also joining the ranks of the people in all professions, to say nothing of other countries, who have blatantly, with undeniable facts, said it was definitely an inside job? Could it be that they realize that wikileaks, or even something more explosive is on the horizon that will show the sheep-like public who will believe anything the government spins out, that they have been played for fools yet again?

    I doubt it’s that they just discovered what a treasonous project it truly was, with an aftermath that has us being
    ever more “safe” with intrusive tactics that twenty years ago would have been unthinkable.
    I hope that more people like Jesse Ventura, Jim Marrs and others will keep trying to awaken the public before the
    conspirators who carried out their “Second Pearl Harbor” feel the urge to attack us again…of course, just to keep us “safe”.

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