Microsoft will never leave Skpe alone and only make it worse. Pushing crapware is just the beginning. Time to
find a new method of online communications.

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  1. Microsoft might make it worse
    Microsoft might make it worse in the future, but I don’t think they had anything to do with that update. Microsoft has their own “Games for Windows” software. After the Skype purchase is approved and Microsoft takes over development I bet the EasyBits addon will be the first to go.

  2. Yeah, right!
    Yeah, right!

  3. MS does specialize in
    MS does specialize in bloatware- software with useless feature that soak up CPU cycles and memory. On the other hand, it’s hard to imagine how they will turn this into an investment that pays a return. They will need several billion a year in revenue from ads or subscriptions, and they have a lot of competition for those dollars. They have a lot of money and few ideas. Apple has a culture of innovation but MS at best has a me-too approach to products. Facebook and Youtube are just two examples of hot items they could have bought but didn’t. Microsoft is represented on the board of Netflix, so perhaps they are stealth investors in that.

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