Practically every global warming model out there predicts increasingly extreme weather oscillations, epochal floods and extreme droughts, ferocious winters and brutal summers. In other words, they’re right. At present, we’re experiencing the mirror image of last winter’s deep freeze: hellish heat. Between 1998 and 2008, temperatures remained relatively flat because the amount of particulate matter being produced by Chinese pollution reduced sunlight hitting the earth. This gave global warming deniers fuel for their false tales. Then, in 2009, temperatures began to rise again, largely because of the fact that extraordinary outpourings of carbon dioxide from China and India overwhelmed the cooling effect of the particulate matter they were and are also emitting. Still, the United States remains the largest emitter of CO2, and the only one of the big three (China, India, the US) that is well organized enough to do anything about it. But we dither, largely because professional liars hired by big companies have distorted our political process with false information about what is happening, and cynically connected it to religious beliefs, by spreading stories among the evangelical community that "God will provide." They have done this in the name of preserving short term profits. But, in the long term, they will see an enraged and suffering public destroy them completely.

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  1. I hope this wishful thinking
    I hope this wishful thinking comes true especially the part about the public destroying them!

  2. Most people didn’t seem to
    Most people didn’t seem to understand why we were having such a severe winter and kept saying, “Ha! I thought we’re supposed to be having global warming!” Maybe now they are starting to understand. Thanks to Whitley, none of this has been a surprise to me.

  3. To start with a disclaimer, I
    To start with a disclaimer, I believe we’re seeing the weather effects of man-made global warming, and things will probably get worse. But I take no satisfaction even in destroying the companies supposedly behind it. What about our western predilection for beef consumption (and cattle producing methane), for example? Or America’s fascination with trucks (2 full-size pickup trucks are the best sellers in the land, and don’t blame the Big 3 because Toyota and Nissan make them every bit as big and thirsty, vying for the same customers)? Aren’t we collectively responsible? How about cutting down the rain forest? Can we really pin it on some handful of allegedly evil companies? What will we do when (if) the economy and markets sharply retract or even collapse under all the pressure of the declining environment, and/or endless wars break out over resources like water? Nobody on this forum is likely to be smiling then, even if Exxon and BP go down with the ship.

    I think this is a time when people need to become LESS enraged, less vengeful, more compassionate, and more thoughtful about all choices they make. With a combination of intelligence, heart, and luck, we might yet remake our economy and lifestyle into something our world can sustain. I know it seems unlikely, but we cannot predict the future with certainty.

    As far as politics, I’ll bet you no viable Republican runs on a climate-change-denial platform in 2012. That should be about the time when intense back-peddling sets in, because the crucial swing voters will have woken up to reality by then, if not already.

  4. The weather will continue to
    The weather will continue to get worse, and all those things that we see now as part of the disintegration will as well. There is no pie in the sky that will come and save us, no magic words, or incantations, to all mighty god.

    In the vast cosmos that is the universe planets must die all the time, without any one to bear witness. Maybe the visitors are here to bear witness to our final years, and our fall toward the animal once again.

    Would it be better for us to return to the mindless primitive again, if it meant that the earth would survive? In any event we won’t be coming back here if we do, we’ve left too deep a mark of destruction on the biosphere, for us to ever come back this way again.

    There won’t be a second chance, no redo’s, no reincarnations, this is it.

    And to all the greedy who happen to be passing by, remember a lifetime in prison is better than an eternity in hell.

  5. The Earth will be fine in the
    The Earth will be fine in the long term – it’s ourselves we’re harming with pollution.

  6. Folks, this is a global
    Folks, this is a global community now. The myopic vision that the USA is the only consumer-based, CO2-producing community is outdated, and the idea that all blame for global warming should be aimed at the Westernized political, military, chemical and industrial complex is a bit short sighted. Have we stopped to consider the increasing consumer-based industrialization of places like Beijing, Jakarta or Calcutta? Sure, the U.S. is still the biggest CO2 producer per person, with Australia and Canada close second- and third-most producing countries. We are all in this together. There is also our Sun’s activity to throw into the mix. The last I heard was that all the planets seem to be warming, as well. Global warming is not a simple matter of merely pointing the finger of blame at the USA and its politics and ethics, even if I do agree that Exxon and BP have some serious ponying up to do. Russia, Europe and the USA carry the intellectual burden of ethical energy innovation for preservation of global resources and atmospheric quality. Sure, that’s a given, but we need to stop yelling at each other and placing blame. Unless innovation is allowed to proceed we are indeed looking down the short end of the cannon.

  7. Innovation will not be
    Innovation will not be “allowed” to proceed because the elite rulers of this filthy world order do not want it to. It can only proceed if it can do so sans their “permission”. Unless the public wakes up to this, then science which benefits the greater number of human beings on this planet is likely to become a very dangerous and persecuted affair.

  8. Agree with Tommy Hopf….but

    Agree with Tommy Hopf….but why wait for the secert elite to loosen the energy noose?

    6 Billion people can not return to the forest, so it will be only those savy and lucky enough to avoid the CGSS.
    What you will need is clean water source, substenice farming and a free energy source like solar,wind & radient energy, or a combo of these. In a nutshell you will need to live like the Amish only with all the modern toys. And do not forget community, of liek minded individuals. Most humans are social creatures and the head for teh hills mentality of most of the griders is not a viable option.

    The practical way is to combine it with your retirement plans…but I digress….it far to late I fear.

  9. The sword of fire and gold.
    The sword of fire and gold.

  10. Face it. None of us are going
    Face it. None of us are going to get out of here alive no matter the weather! The Earth will still be viable and continuously changing, just as it has always been, long after mankind is a distant afterthought. However, as long as there is someone still around to remember the good old days, we might as well do whatever we can to clean the place up a bit before we leave. (thrive)

  11. Be thankful you don’t live in
    Be thankful you don’t live in Miami,i got a quite a tan last week by going on the beach between 4-6pm,i could be wrong but i don’t recall the sun ever burning me like that in the throes of early evening here.

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