Yesterday I bought a book at Book Soup in LA called the Demonologist by Andrew Pyper. I bought it because I’d read a good review of it in the New York Times Book Review last Sunday. To my confusion, the review was repeated today. They never run a review two weeks in a row, though, so I looked back to last week’s Book Review, and found that the review was not there.

I would never have bought a $25.00 book by an unknown writer without reading a strong review first. While I was reading the review today, I was also remembering it.

In some nearby universe, the Times must be a week ahead. Please, Lord, let me read the stock market columns and the sports scores!

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  1. Yes, especially the
    Yes, especially the MegaMillions or the Texas Lottery. Those two would suffice. 🙂

  2. I don’t read the papers
    I don’t read the papers online, so I wouldn’t have seen it until Sunday. In any case, I had been thinking about getting the book since I read the review the previous Sunday.

  3. Well Whitley,
    you can at

    Well Whitley,
    you can at least let me know what I thought of the book after I read it. :0)

  4. Is there a feeling of
    Is there a feeling of dizziness during this? Like one has in a feeling of deja vu, is this similar to that? this is so odd. What happened to Whitley’s original timeline, was it occupied by another Whitley? What was that Whitley reading?

  5. I seem to recall you
    I seem to recall you describing a few of your personal time-slips as being related to somehow reading news articles ahead of their publication date. This was what it sounded like you described during that vision where you saw the orange flash and the people saying they were doing an experiment to see if you remembered an article from a day ahead in future after returning to the past. Could that experiment be ongoing? I wonder if you’ve established some kind of connection to the information archive that they were using in that distant future, since their technology probably exists on a much more holistic, organically-integrated level compared to now.

  6. I just had a similar
    I just had a similar experience to Whitley’s, sitting here this morning perusing the internet. CNN just posted about the death of Joe Weider, the bodybuilding guru and publisher. I used to buy his magazines back in the 90s, so I was very familiar with the name. So when I saw he died, my immediate reaction was, “This is old news. I read he died about a week ago.” I have a very recent memory of reading his wiki page, seeing he had died and being surprised by how old he had lived. But when I opened the CNN article, it said he died yesterday (March 23).

  7. If I start having time slips,
    If I start having time slips, I perceive that taking requests would get old pretty fast. 🙂

  8. I thought that was common
    I thought that was common amongst all of us whom are experiencers…? I have always thought of it as strong deja vu. Gets pretty weird sometimes, when you tell people what just happened, but it hasn’t yet..

  9. Holy cow, Whitley! I thought
    Holy cow, Whitley! I thought I had two slips, recently, also, but they were sure not as clearly identifiable as yours.

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