This review points out the extent to which I have been influenced by the Key in my subsequent work–in fact, in everything that I do. I hadn’t really thought of it before, but when I look at it, it is certainly true.

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  1. Whitley,
    The key is finally


    The key is finally gaining a wider audience, and for that we should be glad. Did you take note of all the replies?

  2. I just got done listening to
    I just got done listening to the Key not once but twice on
    I really found this whole supposed conversation between Whitley and this ascended Master of the Key who is a Canadian…doesn’t pay taxes…and thinks that the Earth is doomed because the inventor of anti-gravity perished in the Holocaust to be beyond the pale.

    I feel like I have been lied to. This whole book sounds like Whitley having a conversation with Whitley.
    I didn’t hear anything that struck me as profound, relevatory, prophetic and certainly not new.

    It sounds like a bunch of leftover ideas Whitley had rattling around in his head and just decided to turn into a book
    A hodgepodge of Krishnamurti, Zen, Hindu, Christianity euphemisms and Quantum physics crafted into some well constructed pose and being passed along with the catch of having been relayed to him by some supernatural being that glances over his shoulder while he reads Meister Eckhardt.

    For someone who was having trouble remembering the incident initially…the recall of the dialogue sounds like he was transcribing it off a tape recording.

    Are you sure this “visitor” wasn’t a Mossad agent. Sounded like he was awfully interested in an Israeli agenda.
    The Holocaust was the worst thing that ever happened in human history??
    How about the Spanish Inquistion…where people were tortured to death for weeks under the most hideous cicumstances imaginable.
    If you’re looking at sheer numbers how about the number of people Stalin killed in Russia..probably 10 times that many…or Pohl Pot in Cambodia…Mao in China…. all killed many more than in the Holocaust.
    How many people have the Israeli’s slaughtered in Palastine? Bombing them with depleted uranium. Now that is a program of genocide.

    And what’s this about the Protocols of the Elder of Zion being a faked document…the only people saying that are the Zionists themselves. That’s like saying the CFR, Bilderburg, and Tri-Lateral Commision are figments of a conspiratorial imagination. All you have to do is look at what ius said in the Protocols and look at what is currently happening. It’s all self evident.

    As far as Anti-gravity. Go check out the work of John Searle..he’s already invented it and it’s proven to work.
    The problem is not one of being able to invent technology but in keeping it from being supressed…like as in the case of Stanley Meyers…sorry….but for an all knowing Vibrant Being or whatever this assumed person assumed himself to be…the story was just too flawed for me…


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