I cannot believe that one huge corporation after another pays no taxes, while everyday people are skinned alive by the IRS if they are off by a few bucks, and the rich are screaming for the end of Social Security and Medicare so they can save a few pennies in taxes they don’t pay anyway. The great lie is that we will get rich ourselves and have lower taxes if we let the rich and the big companies run the country. The people need to take the power from the right AND the left. They only care about their selfish agendas, not us.

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  1. I’m with you WS. On the train
    I’m with you WS. On the train from work yesterday I read on the front page of the New York Times that GE posted profits of ~32 BILLION and 5.2 BILLION of that was made in the USA. However they paid (O) to the IRS…did you catch that everybody? (O)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    For a long time now GE has a staff of accountants & lawyers focused only on dodging taxes. They do it with off shore accounts & creative accounting manuvering.
    Mean while, the talking heads of the far right condone all entitlements from the government! They are worried more about the poor welfare Mom with food stamps then the Corporations stealing billions!!!!!
    WHY? Becasue the middle class aspires to the class above them. BUT!!! They’ll never be in that country club. They will only suffer the lay offs and downsizing to increase the profit margin of said corporations. That is what happened to me when I was with GE Healthcare as an applications rep..

    Welcome to the rat race folks!

  2. Meanwhile taxes for the rest
    Meanwhile taxes for the rest of us are going up. California, and many other states are raising taxes to cover their shortfalls from the economic catastrophe called the great recession. For many of us who can barely pay the taxes we owe now this will represent a serious hardship. as far as I know only two states don’t have state taxes Nevada, and Texas.

    The corporations who run this country and the politicians they own, are also doing their best to destroy unions, decrease fund ing for education, social programs, and the environment.

  3. One of the worst things that
    One of the worst things that any Supreme Court from any era ever did was grant corporations “persons status”. That made them legally equal to a private person, which is a joke. This has to change, to be abolished.

    It never will though.

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