Jim’s new book makes a powerful case for there having been alien intervention in our past, that is still going on. Astonishingly, the New York Times published a pretty decent article about it. I am left to wonder, are they realizing that something is up, or are they afraid that the walls are going to come tumbling down, and they are starting to play both sides of the fence? To read the article, click here.

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  1. This certainly is out of the
    This certainly is out of the ordinary…The New York Times treating Jim with kindness? And no-name calling? Even calling his work well-researched?

    I, too, wonder what’s up, but glad that his work is being treated as non-fiction for a change!

  2. If a book on the occult or
    If a book on the occult or “power that be” is getting a pass from the NYT in is probably not telling the whole truth. I have read many of Jim’s books and enjoy his books, but IMO he is more interested in selling books than revealing the facts. Sadly, those that do go down that rabbit hole and try to get published are black listed forever. As Voltaire said, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

  3. Good for Jim !!
    I have read

    Good for Jim !!

    I have read most of Jim Marrs’ books and have always enjoyed them. However, remember that his books are written for the average person and NOT the average Unknown Country and Coast to Coast subscriber who already know all of this in depth. He therefore has to give a lot of back story and explanation so that people will understand.
    What’s important though is that he is getting the information and concepts out there to the general public. For example my mother loves Ancient Aliens and I had her read this book and she loved it !! We spoke for hours about all of these subjects (which I already knew about in depth). Her eyes are now open about this stuff and hopefully his book opens a lot more people’s eyes.

  4. Great to hear Jim has a new
    Great to hear Jim has a new book (if somewhat belatedly on my part). Jim is an amazing author and his books are full of detail. He very carefully supports all of his conclusion with a myriad of facts. I find his books full of detail about information I really had no idea about. His Rise of the 4th Reich is stunning in its completeness and mind-blowing in all of the connections it reveals using facts not innuendo or opinion. I am interested to find out what the new book covers.

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