I will look into this immediately:

Dear Whitley,

I read your book, "Majestic" a long time ago, when it came out.

I lost the book and re-ordered it last year.

It seems to be a different book, or parts deleted.

The original, if I remember correctly had to do with
James Forrestal.  The edition I just purchased barely
mentions him.

Has the book been edited since the original edition?


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  1. There’s something dark and
    There’s something dark and evil going on here.

    Apparently, scumbags and creeps waste no time changing things around when no one is watching.

    I have but one WARNING for these sleezeballs, terrestial or otherwise: There are few missstakes when you play with sssnakes. MAKE NO MISTAKE.

  2. If this turns out to be the
    If this turns out to be the case, maybe Whitley should look into all his other books and see if he can find more of this.

  3. *Sigh*… No need to panic,
    *Sigh*… No need to panic, folks:
    Majestic is my favorite book by Whitley, and is thus the one I’ve read the most, probably over half a dozen times since it was first released in paperback over two decades ago. At no point do I ever recall it having to do with James Forrestal, and I actually had to check in the book to remind myself of this character’s involvement in the story (his part was always that small). He is featured primarily in the White House scenes when Truman and his staff are trying to decide what to do about the situation, but he’s otherwise only involved in a few scenes.
    I think this discrepancy has to do more with the reader’s memory after a twenty-year absence from reading the book.

  4. We are checking. So far, no
    We are checking. So far, no changes.

  5. I recently read this book
    I recently read this book again after many years. This is still, to me, the best story he has written. There is something very authentic about it, and it still rings “true” after all of these years.


    If you haven’t done so, sit down and read this book cover to cover. It may be difficult, but pretend that you are not part of the book, just another reader. You might surprise yourself!

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