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  1. Whitley, perhaps you are a
    Whitley, perhaps you are a liberal conservative, or a conservative liberal. Rather maybe you are a shining example of duality, spinning red and blue for all the world to see. ~rb

  2. I beleive Whitley is just
    I beleive Whitley is just like 99% of most humans when they aren’t being brainwashed by the Enemy- perfectly balanced between the two, with maybe strong opinions about some subjects but equally tolerant of others. This dualistic view of politics has got to end.

  3. I’ve always thought of
    I’ve always thought of Whitley as a moderate due to listening to his views {especially, the early days with Art Bell} and reading his vast material for more than 20 years. As an extremely progressive minded individual I have never known Whitley’s views to cross the line between left or right. Instead, I get a well-balanced provocative activist with concerns similar to my own.

  4. Oh I really agree, you can be
    Oh I really agree, you can be neither. I think Pssqd stated it very well up above and I can’t add much else to it. The “us vs. them” political mentality keeps the people divided and distracted.

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