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  1. This massive animal die off
    This massive animal die off is frightening. The 200 cows in Wisconsin, the birds in Ark, fish all over the world!
    You can explain it seperately….fish in ‘dead zones’ of O2 depleteion…birds possibly migratory pole shifts….perhaps HAARP ? But taken all together makes me wonder if it isn’t viral or possibily gamma ray intensity of some nature that for whatever reason does not effect homo sapiens…yet?
    Just like before some earthquakes where sensitive animals bark or run away, are we facing some horror that we are not as sensitive to?
    And worse, no major media outlet reports it!!! No one strings all the events together! It is just a side ‘weirdo’ story…no one makes teh connection IF these are all realted events…. This is most unsettling.

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