Few things could be duller than the Raelian cult, and now Julian Assange is saying that the UFO-related cables about to be released by his organization are mostly about Raelian claims that they had cloned a human being. As I have said before, I would be flabbergasted if any diplomats had any information about the UFO situation, and even more amazed if any of this information had been put into a diplomatic cable. Personally, when I hear the word ‘Raelian,’ I sink into a state of complete boredom. It’s a silly fantasy, nothing more. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyF5OC-Fdbg&feature=player_embedded

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  1. Actually, we should clarify
    Actually, we should clarify here: Assange mentions that the cables are addressing the Raelian’s recruiting practices at the time they claimed to have successfully cloned a human being. Of which makes for even more of a non-event, since it’s apparently not even about the cloning claim itself. Mundane stuff, pretty much as many had guessed it would be.

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