Another Montauk Monster has washed up, this time in Brooklyn. Both the one that washed up in Montauk in 2008 and this one could easily have been carried by currents from Plum Island in Long Island Sound. Local people who found this thing took closeups of its "paws" and there is no question: this was not a pig, as stated by authorities, who immediately destroyed the carcass. Pigs have trotters. They do not have five fingers. But there is no question: this thing has five fingers. It appears therefore to be a genetic cross between a human being and some other animal. There is no known place in the area where genetic experimentation is being done except at Plum Island, which is a facility notorious for both its secrecy and its lax controls. (It is widely believed that Lyme Disease, which started in Lyme Connecticut just a couple of miles from Plum Island, originated on the island.)

The fact that the Plum Island facility is secret and yet that it engages in biological warfare experimentation and is near populated areas is bad enough. But this monstrosity suggests experimental activities that are horrible beyond belief, something out of a mad scientist movie. The only other possibility is that it’s either a raccoon or some sort of enormous rat. (Possible in Brooklyn. You’d be amazed.)

This problem needs to be cleared up. The fact that the carcass was destroyed without further testing or any rational public discourse is an outrage against the American people and mankind.

For more about this thing, with some excellent pictures taken by the people who found it, click here. Unknowncountry is working on an in-depth story and will publish shortly.

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  1. Looks like a bloated dog
    Looks like a bloated dog carcass to me.

  2. The experiments, happening on
    The experiments, happening on “Plum Island” would put “The Island of Dr. Moreau” to shame…

  3. A pig? In a pig’s eye.
    A pig? In a pig’s eye. Pigs are cloven hooved.

    Could it be a woodchuck/groundhog? The size seems right, and they either have five digits on each foot, or
    five on the back and four in the front. (Sources I consulted disagreed on that point.) Their digits are sufficiently dexterous that, like their relatives the squirrels, they can pick up and hold things. As you mention,
    an oversize rat is also a possibility. They, too, have five toes and four fingers.

    If it is a genetically engineered chimera, it need not be a human hybrid. In light of the size, another primate
    would be much more likely. With the exception of the spider monkey, all primates have five fingers/toes.

    It is unfortunate that neither necropsies nor DNA testing have been performed on these carcasses. I suspect
    it is in fact a large rodent, but if no one knowledgeable has gotten a good view of the dentition and feet, who knows?

  4. it’s a raccoon (without hair
    it’s a raccoon (without hair and bloated). It was solved.

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