I accidentally posted an unfinished journal entry called “Let’s Do It” in this space last night. It was posted out of sequence and will be reposted shortly.

What I intended to do, as 2008 gets rolling, is to post the first couple of paragraphs from my first journal entry, originally posted in February of 1998, 10 years ago. The entry was entitled “What I Believe”, and I find that I would not change a word of it, even now. Here is what I believe:

What I believe is that human science has the capacity to study, identify and benefit from the UFO and close encounter reports, and the materials being generated. On balance, I think that there is probably another intelligence involved with us, but I do not know its origin. I would not be too surprised to discover that it was something very much stranger than aliens from another planet. The intrusive nature of the implant phenomenon worries me. I want to believe that this is all to the good, but it’s not easy, given that this seems such a terrific invasion of privacy.

I can see the outlines of what might be an organized program that has three parts:

1. It is designed to study us and possibly extract something from us along the lines of sexual material or dna.

2. It is generating questions that will have the effect of waking us up. It does this by the ceaseless process of UFO sightings, and the pressure that the close encounter experience puts us under. Whether intentional or not, the provocative nature of these two activities is slowly awakening in mankind a desire to solve this problem.

3. It is creating deep resistance. This runs so deep, indeed, that most of us in this experience suffer great persecution if we “come out” publicly. I have personally suffered the ugly combination of people being really nasty to me out of jealousy over my supposed success while at the same time having financial problems because I abandoned my thriving writing career. The belief is that the UFO books make scads of money and that anybody with a mean streak can safely indulge it at my expense. The truth is that I have all of the problems attendant on celebrity but none of the perks.

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My next journal entry will be about a new graphic novel I have created with author Craig Spector. It is a horror story about human mutilations, and I am going to be writing about why I produced it, and expanding on a whole theory about how to address the dark side of the close encounter experience.

After that “Let’s Do It!” will appear. This entry discusses how we can deepen contact. But before I go there, I need to air out this material about the dark side. The visitors are here in force right now, and we need to–and can–react. But we cannot do this correctly if we fail to recognize that this experience is not all sweetness and light, any more than it is all evil.

What I am trying to do here is move toward coherent and intelligent response, not the usual either “they’re good” or “they’re bad” approach championed by the general media and too many people in the UFO community.

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