This is really an extraordinary time to be involved in the close encounter experience. I cannot remember such a time in my life, and I think, probably, that there has never been such a time before. The reason is simple: there have been UFO before this one, and large ones, but there has never been a substantial group of people capable of communication.

Since December 7, when I had an incredible sequence of experiences that I recorded in my last journal entry, I have been able to break new ground in my experience, and I am not alone.

I?ve been able to evolve my meditation techniques into a medium of communication that is working. But it goes beyond that. I have also learned how to state, in a few very simple words, certain fundamental aims of life that have not been said this clearly before, which, I hope, will offer others as much chance of potentiation as a new kind of human being as they are offering me.

I that I?m not alone in taking the close encounter experience further. I know this, because of the letters I get, and how, in recent months, some of the people doing the meditations I have been offering have been affected. The last two of these meditations are being posted over the next two weeks, as I have finally come to a point of understanding that has enabled me to state their purpose very clearly.

The question must be asked, what does the new face of contact mean? From the standpoint of our visitors?whatever they are?it has taken two forms. The first is a much richer and more undeniable array of sightings of strange things in the sky. The second is a dramatic increase in witness involvement with them and their way of thinking. For example, I am more deeply in communication now than I have ever been, and I am not alone.

The object that was placed in my left ear in 1989 has begun to work in a very focused and clear manner. It doesn?t turn on often, but when it does, the results are new and they are dramatic. What happens now is that I hear a faint sound of a gong in the ear, about ten times a minute, for a period of half an hour or so, generally in the early mornings when things are quiet. When this is happening, I am able to see and interact with a certain group of people, including reading books and papers, and participating in life with them almost as if it was entirely physical. I have come to know some of these people. They are aware of me, and they look entirely human. That said, the way they live?in small cabins in a dense woodland?suggests that they are not of our world or perhaps not of this time, or perhaps their lives are unfolding in a parallel universe.

I don?t believe that they are hallucinations. I don?t think that I?m capable of hallucinating detail this extensive. For example, a book of theirs that I have been reading has enabled me, for the eighth and ninth meditations in my series, to speak with complete clarity about just where we are now as a species, and where we can go when we rebuild our culture around a clear understanding of why there is even such a thing as physical life.

Now, all of this is quite marvelous for me and others who are working at this. However, I know that I am not the first to reach this state, because I have had contact with people who came close to it back in the twenties and thirties. In fact, they reached a point where their movements were virtually physical, and they could sometimes actually bring back physical artifacts. They were Jewish cabalists, doing their esoteric work in the context of the shtetl culture of Poland in those days, and all but a few of them were gassed to death by the Nazis.

In the late eighties, I met one of the survivors, who explained what had happened to them. They had made enormous progress with the ?light? or positive side, and, in order to accomplish this, had pushed away the dark side and ignored it. The result, she explained to me, was that they failed to notice that it had risen up behind their backs. When it came swarming into the country in the form of columns of Nazi soldiers, they were caught entirely unawares. Of course, their work in no way created the attack. But by ignoring the dark side, they ended up being surprised by something that esotericists, with their understanding of the power of black magic, should have been aware of. (And black magic isn?t some sort of secretive mumbo-jumbo. You want to see black magic at work? Watch one of Hitler?s speeches. That?s black magic.)

In fact, development of relationship to aspects of this other that we find appealing is only part of what is necessary. If you don?t also open yourself to the realities that you don?t like, possibilities, while great, remain limited, and there is always the chance that the dark side will reach out to you in unexpected and usually damaging ways, as to ignore it is to insure that you are ignorant of it and therefore vulnerable to it, in the same way that they were.

Therefore, at the same time that I have been enjoying this wonderful new experience, I have also been proactively exploring the dark side by working on a graphic novel and movie about people who are injured by their close encounter experiences. I have been steeping myself in the dark side of the close encounter experience, while struggling to make my relationship to its light side deeper and more coherent.

Do I think, therefore, that what is out there?or rather, now, in here?good or bad? The answer is that it?s like us, but even more complicated. No individual human being is all good or all bad, and certainly you cannot characterize the species as anything but a profoundly multidimensional manifestation.

When we are dealing with the visitors, I think that this is even more true, because there are different types involved, including human-looking creatures with quite unusual powers of mind that area appearing among us in increasing numbers. In fact, there is quite a huge chorus of visitors, and it?s not at all clear to me that it?s appropriate to think of them as being, simply, from other planets.

Again, the reality is complex, and we know very little about what it all actually means, and there is little point in speculating at this time, because our scientific and intellectual communities have not yet engaged the question seriously. Thus, we do not yet know what our best answers might be.

This gets me to the question of how we, as social creatures, have engaged this reality so far. There is a governmental response, certainly. It could be seen in clear operation in the recent Stephenville, Texas events, where an extraordinary apparition of aerial objects, most of which were functioning in a manner that defies physics, was accompanied by flights of US Air Force jets rushing past with their afterburners roaring.

From the early days of the modern sighting phenomenon, air forces around the world, and especially the USAF, have reacted to these intrusions by confronting the apparent machines with fighter jets. On some occasions, there has been gunfire.

In other words, we have reacted in the most primitive possible way, and done no more than that. Let me be specific. Obviously, there have been various attempts over the years on the part of many official entities to address the issue of these apparitions in a way that might lead to some definite knowledge. But none of this can have been effective, or fighters wouldn?t be racing off after UFO in 2007, just as they were in 1947. What that is, is spear shaking, and it comes from precisely the same primitive thinking that makes animals engage in threat posturing when confronted by an unknown intruder into what they perceive as their space.

Sixty years, and we?re still, as a culture, reacting in this simple way. To those of us who have come into deeper communication with this presence, it?s embarrassing, and I am really beginning to wish that we could do better.

The only way to improve is to take our internal social debate about this to a new level. Last fall, a new attempt was made to do that by a group of professionals assembled in Washington, and, for the first time, the New York Times carried a rational story about the matter. The response from the visitors was immediate?and I can assure you, it was intentional?and came in the form of a whole array of new sighting events, planet-wide.

Now, what do we have to do to continue and deepen this dialog? First, it would be helpful if the military would disengage and the scientific community would engage. We look like idiots, frankly, with the roaring, impotent jets and all the ?classified? nonsense, which the visitors see as so childish. ?Why do you deny what is seen?? is a question I have heard. It?s a good one, but if you listened to some recent Larry King episodes about this, you were treated to just such idiocy. Unfortunately for us, we are not alone here. There is a large unrated and unseen audience for everything we do, and along with the compassion and the exploitation, the supportive and the cruel, there has now begun to be laughter.

I can handle being treated like a baby. I have acted like one, especially at first. I can handle the compassion. God knows, I need a helping hand as much as anybody. I can understand the exploitation?not like it, but certainly understand it in all its fearful ugliness. But I don?t want to be scorned because I happened to be a member of a species with an exceptional number of idiots aboard.

Also, however, I can?t change the fact that the government discovered long ago, that, as long as they keep shaking their spears, the visitors will stay clear of us, and only observe.

I?m bored here. I?ve gotten a good glimpse of what life is like in this universe, and I am hungry for more, and I know that many others like me feel the same way.

So, what can WE do?

For one thing, be darned careful. I see from the San Francisco Chronicle that, Since 9/11, and seemingly without the notice of most Americans, the federal government has assumed the authority to institute martial law, arrest a wide swath of dissidents (citizen and noncitizen alike), and detain people without legal or constitutional recourse in the event of “an emergency influx of immigrants in the U.S., or to support the rapid development of new programs.”

I don?t care for that mysterious phrase ?to support the rapid development of new programs,? because I am well aware of what it might mean. Many of us, like me, contain implanted technology that the US military cannot now understand or make use of. But what if they do learn? Do we suddenly find ourselves grabbed off the street to assist in ?the rapid development of new programs??

If so, it will all be quite useless. The idiocy of the thinking that would go into any such attempt almost beggars the imagination. They are liable to end up tearing us apart in order to get at technology that is mostly not even expressed into the physical world. We must never forget the Polish warning. With each passing day, it becomes more important.

Those of us who have come into communication with the world outside are always in jeopardy. Just as the grays have an exploitative element, so do we, believe me. They, at least, exploit with exquisite care and skill. Our side is going to be using the equivalent of clubs.

There is something that we actually CAN do, which is that those of us who are willing and able to find our place in the great dialogue that defines conscious life in the universe at our level can and should do so. You don?t need an implant like I have to do this. The thing was given to me to jump start my thick head. Since few people are as dense as this old post, you?ll almost all do better once you get started.

I?m not going to lay it out for you. I learned in the little schoolroom that has been my life that this is not what works. You will come to it, one way or another. I came to it by years of meditation and inner search, following a childhood in which my expectations about the nature of reality were shattered by trauma.

But now, things are different. Anybody who is not a fool can look around them and see ample evidence that reality is not what it seems. You can shatter the cosmic egg by just going on YouTube (But don?t be taken in by all the CGI, please. If you are rigorous and discriminating, it?s not hard to open your mind.) My meditations on this website offer a difficult but effective means of changing your inner stance in such a way that you become open to communication.

Because that?s what we need, now: communication. In 1952, the visitors conducted an elaborate operation over Washington that failed because they, in effect, broadcast, but we didn?t respond.

It?s time to start broadcasting, folks. The universe has sent us a message. Hello? Let?s send one back! (If you want a blueprint, look into your own mind. Each of us has to figure this out for himself or herself.) And as far as who is involved, passivity doesn?t work. The whole vast world sits waiting for something to happen. Whatever does happen, though, it won?t be that. They?ll wait forever.

Do it now, in your own mind and heart. Now. That?s the only time there is.

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