There is no apparent relationship between this week’s Dreamland and the show that will air next week, but, in fact, the two are profoundly related because they end two related controversies, which are, without question, the most important in the world.

The scientific community and the mass media will not react. Nobody is going to send up rockets. On the surface, the world will not change. But for those of us who are living and working at the leading edge of knowledge, everything has just changed.

Specifically, we now know for certain that there was a genetically modified male creature living on this planet roughly 900 years ago in an isolated area of northern Mexico. It died in middle age, and was joined in death by a human woman, whose skeleton was found lying with her arms around it.

This creature’s DNA shows conclusively that it was partially human and partially of unknown parentage. Its bones, which are much lighter than human bones, also contain very tough fibers, also unknown, which serve to strengthen the skeleton. No such fibers have ever been found in any other skeleton on earth, and no known creature has the DNA encoding necessary for such fibers to grow in its bones.

The creature had a human mother. It is the father that was unknown. It is not related to the woman who was found beside it.

This means, very simply, that an extraordinary hybrid individual died at that time in an isolated area of northern Mexico, and was joined in death by a female human being. The cause of death of either person remains unknown.

On Dreamland this week (04/10/10) Lloyd Pye describes the genetic studies that have been done to make the determinations above. Then, for Unknowncountry subscribers, Lloyd and I have a very frank discussion about the implications of sexual contact with aliens, and the extraordinary technological accomplishment that would be involved in making a successful genetic hybrid of this sort.

Then, next week, I talk with Dr. Roger Leir, “John Smith” and Dr. Robert Koontz about the implant that was removed from “John Smith” last year. “John Smith” is himself a scientist doing very advanced work involving carbon nanotubes. Dr. Koontz is a PhD physicist.

The object removed from Smith has received extensive study, and this study has led to the discovery that the isotopes of the materials found in it are not from earth, but from a planet or other astronomical body that is approximately ninety million years older than earth.

That the material contains any isotopes other than those found here is amazing enough, but that the body they came from would be so much older raises the possibility that the object was fabricated in a place that is much older than earth, therefore by a civilization greatly in advance of our own.

So we have two programs here, one of which discusses hard scientific evidence that a skull found in Mexico that has been carbon dated at 900 years of age is a human-alien mix, and another that shows that extremely advanced technology is being inserted into human beings by a civilization that is probably millions of years older than ours.

Now, science will not only dismiss this, most scientists wouldn’t even be bothered to listen to this program, let alone look at the documentation that has been assembled by Lloyd Pye and Dr. Leir, in both cases at a very high level of scientific expertise.

However, the facts are before us, and it’s time for those of us who do take an interest to face this reality: somebody with extraordinary scientific skills has been engaged in activities on earth involving the human genome for some time. In addition, somebody is implanting people with devices so sophisticated that we can only speculate about their purpose.

What or who these people are remains unknown. But that they are, and are engaged with us on a deeply physical level, can no longer be denied by anybody with the humility and the courage to look at the data.

I do hope that you make the effort to listen to these two Dreamlands.

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