The implant that was removed from “John Smith” last year was not made of materials that are available on earth. To be specific, certain of the isotopes of the metallic components of the object do not have the same ratios as isotopes found on this planet.

There has been an excellent study of the object done at the highest level of scientific professionalism. At present, we are trying to obtain a version of the study that does not contain any way of identifying the scientist who did it or the labs where it was done.

It is pitiful and an outrage that this should be necessary but, in fact, if his name was known his career would be in jeopardy, and the labs might face serious consequences for the work they did.

When I used to work with Dr. Bill Mallow, the Chief of Materials Science at the Southwest Research Institute, it was only his enormous stature in the organization that enabled him to use its equipment. He could not provide me with results on Southwest Research letterhead, and the director of the Institute told him that their CIA client, who accounted for more than 50% of their budget, took a “dim view of UFO research.”

In fact, a number of the objects Bill studied were completely inexplicable. The implant that is in my left ear has been found to be a piece of biotechnology that operates by totally unknown means. And this new object removed from “John Smith” is extraordinarily sophisticated. It is probably a communications device, and if Dr. Robert Koontz, who discusses it on Dreamland is correct in his analysis, it is a very powerful one.

But no established scientific institution would even consider looking at the analysis, no matter how impeccable it is. And yet, the presence of these things in our bodies is obviously of absolutely central importance.

And it goes deeper even than alien contact, because the one that was put into my ear in May of 1989 was installed by two people who were part of a group who were in my house and behind my house and were speaking English.

I saw these two people, and I could easily identify them if I saw them again. But what they did was far in advance of anything anybody with even very exotic known technologies could do even now, and that was 20 years ago.

They did something, however, that is characteristic of the grays: they left behind a number of free-floating magnetic fields, one around my car and another around a magnetic alarm system switch in the garage.

We have absolutely no way of leaving behind a persistent magnetic field with no originating magnet nearby. However, this also happened in Sicily in the early part of this decade. It has also happened at times in crop formations, including a small one in south Texas that I studied in 2002.

So somebody can do it, just as somebody can manipulate carbon nanotubes, as in the case of John Smith, to create a highly sophisticated device of some kind.

John remembers seeing the grays. Another prominent scientist I know, whose work has been profoundly affected by information he has received from visitors, also remembers them as being grays. I remember grays, blonds and people in my own experience.

What I am saying here is that something enormous is going on that appears to involve both people and aliens, and is inexplicably being ignored by human science.

This week’s Dreamland opens a window into this extraordinary material, and is a tantalizing reminder of just how much we are missing by hiding our scientific heads in the sand.

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