Last week, Dennis Kucinich nearly ruined his presidential candidacy by admitting during the last Democratic debate that he had not only seen a UFO but been moved by the experience. Jimmy Carter then reiterated his often-stated comment that he does not know what he saw in 1969?that it was a moving light. The U.S. media reacted to Kucinich?s statement, intentionally elicited by Tim Russert, in the same way that the debate audience reacted?with chuckles. Kucinich courageously expanded on his previous comments at Drexel University, again eliciting laughter.

Kucinich was extraordinarily brave, but his admission not only of what he had seen but what he had felt–the visitors reaching to his mind–has marginalized him even further.

What a waste. Not only does our continuing rejection of this phenomenon mean that we are wasting the knowlege that must be available, it leaves us open and completely without resources, and that might not be such a good idea.

So, sixty years after the Roswell Incident, this is where we are. But is it where we should be? Most certainly not, and there is a surprising, left-field reason for this. It is that the unknown presence here is not all sweetness and uplift and saintly patience, and unless we apply our minds to the situation, we are liable to end up in some kind of trouble.

Entirely unremarked in the U.S. press, but covered in Europe, a report was leaked in Italy about a strange incident that took place in Sicily in 2004. To my knowledge, the only coverage of this leaked report in the U.S. was on (To read our story, and the earlier Unknowncountry reports, (,click here).

In 2004, a series of fires occurred in Sicily that had no explanation. They involved things like unplugged power cords and other electrical appliances bursting into flames. Unreported literally anywhere else in the world except in local media, there were similar events taking place at the same time in India and Africa.

The Indian and African mysteries were not followed by any scientific investigation, but Italy did not ignore what was happening in the little Sicilian village of Canneto di Caronia. Instead, the Department of Civil Protection instituted a careful investigation. Three years and two million dollars later, the report concludes that the fires were caused by an electromagnetic field that reached between 12 and 15 gigawatts. Such electromagnetic phenomena do not occur in nature. They must be generated using large amounts of electrical energy and engineered devices. The conclusion was either that this was done by aliens or by an unknown power testing a secret weapon.

The reason that the suggestion of alien origin was made was that the fields were so large and there was no visible origin. They came out of nowhere, but electromagnetic fields do not propagate like radio waves, or light. They are steady-state fields that form around the object generating them. So where was the power source? It was not visible. But burned areas were found in a field near the town, and huge lights were reported in the area. So the conclusion is logical enough?something extremely strange was taking place, and it was obviously dangerous.

It is less clear what was happening in Africa, but the Indian fires almost certainly had the same cause. So either we must conclude that some great power such as the U.S., China or Russia, or perhaps even some private entity, who knows, was testing a truly arcane weapon, one that defies the laws of physics as we have observed them to work for hundreds of years, or, as the report suggests, this was accomplished by an unknown power using unknown means.

Back in 1989, I had direct experience with a persistent electromagnetic field, and I can describe the circumstances very exactly. It happened in May of 1989, the morning after an event I have described in detail elsewhere, which involved the placement of an object in the pina of my left ear by two people. Not aliens. People.

I saw both of them before they overpowered me by some unknown means and pressed their object into my ear. (It remains there to this day and you can see a video of the attempt to remove it in’s subscriber area.)

The next morning, my wife said she hadn’t heard a thing. I saw that the alarm system was still armed, so I decided it must have been an odd dream. But when I went down to get in the car and take my usual trip to the local newsstand to get the paper, I was astonished to see that the garage door was wide open. As the alarm system was armed, this should have been impossible. Making a note to call the alarm man, I got in the car, only to find that it was crackling with static electricity. I jumped out again and called the alarm man immediately.

He came out and found the switch on the garage door untripped even though the magnetic field was broken because the magnet on the door had been pulled away as the door opened. But how could this be? When he tested the switch with his magnetometer, it was literally off the scale?surrounded by a powerful magnetic field that should not be there. Ditto the car.

As in the Sicilian town, here was a powerful magnetic field with no source. He replaced the switch, the field around the car gradually dissipated, and that afternoon I noticed the now-famous implant in my ear. After a failed surgery to remove it a few years later, wherein it physically moved away from the surgeon?s scalpel, I have ended up with the thing still there.

So, here is another instance of a free-standing magnetic field with no apparent source. And, you will notice, it appeared that entirely normal looking human beings were involved in its creation. There may have been somebody, or something, else with them, but the man and woman I saw looked perfectly ordinary.

Given that we cannot create magnetic fields that persist when their source is removed, how was it that a magnetic field was left behind at my house, and an immensely more powerful one somehow projected onto a town in Sicily and possibly in India?

It?s plain to see why the field was used in my case. They wanted to gain entry to the house and they came in through the garage door, using the field to freeze the alarm so it wouldn?t go off.

However, the field used in Sicily and the one probably used in India seem much more ominous. They created fires. People could have been killed. Homes destroyed. In other words, they were weapons, and particularly nefarious ones, designed to set the kind of small fires that, spread across a city, might cause an immense conflagration. Or used in forests. Or, perhaps used in a detailed attack, setting a single structure, or even a person, on fire, or perhaps a plane in flight, or a forest…or many forests.

It?s an ugly, dangerous weapon, and it is remarkable that, sixty years into the close encounter phenomenon, given this and so much else that reveals its ominous side, we are still laughing.

The close encounter phenomenon is complex. I spent eleven extraordinary years with the visitors in my life. I have gained immeasurably from my exposure to them. They were rough and it was hard at first, and it never got very easy, but I am a new man now, profoundly awakened.

This cannot be said of everybody who has had a close encounter, and the experience has such an extensive dark aspect that it seems to me that it must have multiple origins, and some of them must be sinister. Quite sinister.

So why did Tim Russert?s audience chuckle? I can imagine that, when first hearing of Cortez, some of Montezuma?s advisors probably had a supercilious chuckle of their own. They lived to eat that laughter?or rather, died eating it.

Recently, there have been more odd signs. There were the drones of last summer. Linda Howe collected too many eyewitness interviews for these things to have been a hoax. They are real, and the various websites that have sprung up to claim them as the work of this or that graphic artist, are false. I notice that none of the debunkers of the drones bother to mention the witnesses. However, the witness testimony, and the photographs given to Linda directly by some of these witnesses, are the only testimony that really matters.

Subsequent to the coming of the drones, there was a bizarre event in Peru when a meteor fall left a large number of people and animals sick. A NASA team went down and, with the help of the National Geographic, announced that the illness was due to arsenic in the soil. At first, the Peruvian scientist who promised to tell Linda details of the soil analysis said that this conclusion was premature and probably false. But now he won’t talk at all. The implication is clear: somebody shut him up.

More recently, one of Linda?s sources has reported a wave of cat mutilations, but each time he finds a story and sends her a link, the story disappears from the website of the newspaper reporting it.

As these stories have been around for years and this has never been done before, it?s also an ominous change.

It is stupid to try to conceal this. Public knowledge is essential, otherwise we remain defenseless.

In fact, if there is a hostile presence here, there is only one conclusion that can be drawn about the intransigent refusal of the U.S. government to admit the reality of this unknown: it has been trapped by the hostile presence and is working in league with it.

Carl Sagan has said that aliens, if they ever showed up, would be strange beyond imagining. From personal experience, I can assure you that he was entirely correct. What?s more, there is no doubt in my mind that their means of attack, if they ever decide to go in that direction, is going to be just as strange.

We urgently need to stop laughing and start doing some serious research into these anomalies. Otherwise, we stand to share the fate of the Aztecs, who confused the approach of a real invader with the return of a mythological messiah, or the Incas, who were stunned to helpless silence when Pissarro appeared on the scene.

The laughter has two sources. The first is fear. This is the same motive that drives people to believe that these things must be our own secret weapons. Governments also fear of loss of control. Religious people fear that their cherished beliefs will be revealed as fantasies, as happened to the Aztecs. The second is arrogance. Scientists and intellectuals hate the idea of superior minds usurping their place at the pinnacle of the culture.

So we do nothing?or no, we do a little. Tim Russert is willing to risk a man?s already hopeless candidacy in order to create a moment of levity.

The invaders came, and everybody laughed. For a while. The one thing we have in our favor is that our visitors appear to be in no hurry. So perhaps we still have time to mature beyond the Tim Russert level and start making a serious effort on our own behalf.

Or perhaps the phenomena works like a snake, sidling closer and closer, ever so slowly, creeping in the tall grass with nary a rustle of a single stalk?until?wham, we?re struck, we?re wrapped in the coils, and the next thing we know, we are part of the memory of this vast, strange and concealing universe, swallowed by the mystery.

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