This morning I opened the latest issue of the New Scientist and found myself reading that a SECOND universe is apparently out there beyond our own. I have to admit that I was, quite simply, knocked speechless. This is because, when I was talking to the Master of the Key, he said that there were universes beyond our own. However, at the time, I rejected his statement as obviously incorrect, and changed the subject.

There was, in 1998, not the slightest indication anywhere in physics or cosmology that there could be other physical universes. So when he said, “There are more galaxies in your universe than there are stars in your galaxy, and more universes in the firmament than there are galaxies in your universe,” (P.67) I listened politely and changed the subject.

Now, on the heels of the mind-bending discovery that there is an area of our universe nearly a billion light years across that is, essentially, empty, comes the assertion that this is a virtually certain indicator of the presence of another entire universe beyond our own.

Coming just a few weeks after other scientists drew the conclusion that parallel universes, which exist in the same area as our own but in overlapping space, must be real, this new discovery amounts to a complete revision of our understanding of reality.

I must say that it awed me, obviously, but it also humbled me a good deal, because it made me realize yet again that the Master of the Key was an incredibly potent individual, of immense scientific, intellectual and ethical accomplishment. “Sin is denial of the right to thrive” remains the purest definition of this type of soul-damage that I have ever seen.

And now the Master’s description of souls and what they are, and his comments about conscious energy take on a new and far less abstract significance for me. If he was right about something that seemed as totally improbably as their being other universes did in 1998, then what of his other pronouncements, especially those about the soul?

He explained the nature of the soul in utterly rational and non-mythologized language, as far as I know, for the first time. Also, he brought forth the concept that our souls, when we die, have a weight based on the sort of life we have lived. They can be heavy or light, and the light ones slip out of the coils of life and into higher ecstasies, while most of us linger here, eventually returning to physical existence in an effort to release ourselves from our lingering appetites.

A few years ago, I did a series in the Unknowncountry subscriber section on the Key. This latest amazement has inspired me to return to it, and to talk more about this book. So, after I have finished the out-of-body meditation sequence that I am working on now, I will return to the Key. (This will be the first time anybody has ever written about meditating while out of the body, incidentally. It is a very powerful and extraordinary state, and, as you will find, not at all difficult to do.)

I’ve given up worrying about who the Master of the Key was. Given that the firmament now seems literally immeasurably vast, I really have no idea, and I doubt that I will ever know. But what is important is not the man, but the words. Whoever he was, I think that he provided us with the finest description of reality that has, perhaps, ever been devised, and certainly with the most exquisite ethical statements that exist outside of the gospels.

In the two years after I met him, I fretted about writing his words down because I feared that he was really me. Just me. So how could there be any credibility for force behind the words?

I have entirely abandoned that belief. He was not me. It’s completely impossible. I would never have said, at that time, that there were other physical universes, because I simply did not believe it. But this man did say it, and he has turned out to be right. In my own mind and heart, this is proof to me that I did not dream the whole thing up. The Master of the Key was there in that hotel room that night, and he was no figment of my imagination.

Not a night passes that I don’t think that it would be wonderful to see him again. There have been at least a dozen people who have told me that they know him, and I have made discreet inquiries here and there. But these people seem to forget that I know perfectly well how the man looked. Not only that, the clarity with which he spoke and the immense authority of his delivery are completely unforgettable.

He looked like a perfectly ordinary man of perhaps seventy or so. There was nothing awesome about him, and very little that was distinctive. He smiled a fair amount, but he also spoke with greater authority than anybody I have ever known. There was a palpable sense of the truth about what he said.

He had also known me, he said, before, and seemed surprised that I did not know him. He said, in fact, that I knew perfectly well who he was.

In the mid seventies, I think that I had an encounter with him that led to the writing of the Path, also. I have no memory of his presence at that time, but when I was with him in 1998, I certainly had the sense that he had been involved with the amazing lay of the Tarot cards that came to me then.

I have been thinking, tonight, of the extraordinary privilege of my life. Often, I feel bitter and rejected, and I curse the day I published Communion–and then I think to myself, what a gift it was to have that contact experience, and what an extraordinary thing to have lived afterward as I have.

I got to meet the extraordinary being whose portrait is on the cover of Communion. Then I got to meditate with a group of beings who would show up at my cabin night after night, for years. And then I got to meet the Master of the Key.

These are, all of them, great and precious gifts, to be cherished and also, as far as I am able, shared. I lament the treasury of knowledge that science wastes by not looking into the UFO and close encounter material more carefully. But, at the same time, when I see scientists making a discovery such as the one announced this week, I consider that they, also, are doing extraordinary things with other, equally fabulous gifts.

So I come to a new peace inside myself. I am not going to worry anymore about the Key, and the question of whether or not the Master is really a fictional character. He cannot be fictional, because he said things that, at the time, I did not believe and would never, personally, have said. So he was, indeed, an authentic mystery.

He stands, therefore, as a living reminder of just how strange our cosmos is, and how little we understand it. This brilliant man came out of the night and delivered a message of unforgettable scope and power. I am awed and humbled that he chose me to extend his message to others.

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