There isn’t any serious doubt at this point that people are observing strange objects in the sky, most often near certain air force bases. There is also a plethora of computer graphics animations appearing on various video websites. So far, all of this video consists of animations and is not real.

However, the witness reports, such as the one featured on this week’s Dreamland, are almost certainly real, and some of the photographs are real, too, quite possibly all of the ones that we and Linda Moulton Howe have posted.

This could be human technology, pure and simple. Perhaps a much more potent expression of electrohydrodynamic propulsion has been deployed and is being tested. There is a very high demand within the intelligence community for low-level, close in monitoring systems that are undetectable, so certainly such technologies are being worked on with high priority.

And then there is the matter of the “Isaac X” posting, which has been so violently attacked by UFO researchers.

Maybe it is a hoax and maybe not, but there is one element of it that isn’t a hoax, and this element is of extraordinary value, as you will see.

For this reason, the hoax issue isn’t all that important when it comes to this material. Even if Isaac created it entirely out of his imagination, this material is still real, and it is pure gold.

He says on the website he has created for this material: “They had something akin to a language, that could quite literally execute itself, at least in the presence of a very specific type of field. The language, a term I am still using very loosely, is a system of symbols (which does admittedly very much resemble a written language) along with geometric forms and patterns that fit together to form diagrams that are themselves functional. Once they are drawn, so to speak, on a suitable surface made of a suitable material and in the presence of a certain type of field, they immediately begin performing the desired tasks.”

This is correct, and not only that, one of the materials on which these imprints will work is the human brain, and one of the fields that will activate the forms is the electromagnetic field of a living brain.

Now, it is VERY important to realize something before I go on, and to take it into your mind and heart: EVEN IF the entire Isaac production is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be a hoax, and that may happen, the statement above is STILL true.

How would a true statement come into a hoax? Quite simply, because the hoaxer is probably a close encounter witness himself, probably in amnesia about his encounters and very disturbed by them, and has dropped information from those encounters into his hoax without even knowing it.

Understand, my gut feeling is that the Isaac material is real. The main objections to it are not convincing, and I will detail why not later in this journal, for those who are interested.

But, even if a hoax is proven, please don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater, because we all have a chance now to make a major advance, and, for those of us who work hard and effectively, to transform ourselves in fundamental ways.

Always remember this: the visitors have said what is on offer to us. Phillip Corso was told, in no uncertain terms, “a new world, if you can take it.” This means that we must wrest it out of the hands of the grays, and also be able to bear it. And I warn you, the more parts of yourself you don’t like, the harder the light that it brings will be to endure, because that light drives consciousness deep into the parts of ourselves of which we dare not even speak.

I warn you, but I also seek to tempt you ahead. We can remake our world. The equipment has already been installed. All we need now to do is turn it on.

Let me offer two instances of how the patterning described above works in a human brain. The first of these involves a man called Jose Garcia. I don’t believe that this case is referenced on the internet. This is not the Jose Garcia associated with the Ashtar Command material, but a simple farmer in Mexico who had an unusual experience.

A tall man walked up to him in his field one day and showed him a set of symbols, and told him to memorize them, then visualize them while planting his crops. He did this, and after that the crops began growing to record size. The case briefly appeared in Texas papers, and was privately investigated by a Texas sheriff. I assume that it is documented somewhere, but I cannot find it. I’m grateful to one of the people who have worked on this case with me for bringing it up.

A second data point involves long-time close encounter witness Jim Sparks. He recounts an instance of being made to trace a letter “E” when in the presence of a gray, and experiencing unusual physical sensations as he did so. He was told that he was being taught a skill.

What is happening now is that this skill is being offered on a gigantic scale, and it is possible for us to take advantage of it.

First, we have been show, in the drones, some of the equipment that can be constructed using it. What they do, we do not yet know, but I have a thought that some of them, at least, are used in making crop circles.

Understand, I cannot prove any of this, and it is not my intention to do that. It is my intention to continue on the road I’ve been on most of my life, that stretches into the unknown and arises out of my soul’s old long time.

We are all on this road, and to demand the wrong sort of explanations–concrete proof, for example, that none of this is a hoax–is to stand fast instead of continuing the journey. No risk, no gain.

That said, I think that the two fragile indications I have described above, plus Isaac’s message, suggest that there may already be a set of patterns, in the form of the crop circles, that we can apply to the material of our brains by memorizing the images and calling them to mind when we need them.

Understand, I have no idea how this will work or even if it will work. But I sense that it will, and that we need to do it, and that by doing so we will create a technology within ourselves that will reconnect us with powerful energies that are intrinsic to the earth, and enable us to reunite with our planet in a journey of healing that might just save this species.

The program is simple enough. It involves going back to images of the early crop circles, and methodically memorizing them and bringing them to mind during mediation and in our everyday lives, and seeing what, if anything, happens.

Obviously, some of the circles we do this with will be authentic and others fake. It isn’t important. The fake ones simply won’t work and will end up being forgotten.

I believe that the circles are placed near ancient sites of power because these are the fountainheads of whatever energy it is that we seek to reconnect with. Ancient man probably couldn’t do as much with these energies as we will be able to, but he knew they were there, and that’s why he clustered his places of worship around them.

Most of you might go to a crop circle website or open a book and try this once or twice. Nothing will happen and you’ll forget about it. Or you’ll wait passively for it to “do” something to you and it won’t, and you’ll move on.

I know you will do this because I am liable to do it, too. When I first started meditating nearly forty years ago, it felt useless. Now, however, it is the foundation of a gigantic second life that penetrates into all sorts of realms. Had I not been meditating, the visitors would never even have found me.

So, I urge you to stay with this new practice. In our subscriber section, I am going to begin a series of sample meditations on the circles, and go on with it as best I am able.

In our consciousness, fact and imagination are two different things. We say, “it was just imagination” to dismiss something.

The visitors have a different view of this. They say that imagination creates fact, and it is out of this more correct understanding of reality that their evolution of power forms has arisen.

Because we have not recognized the degree to which the mind actually mediates reality, we are making two mistakes, and one of the reasons that I think that the Isaac material is real is that it very subtly reflects one of these mistakes, which is that the universe is founded on a group of facts that we must discover in order to understand how it works.

In reality, the universe that we live in is founded on the human mind, and our imagination governs the laws of existence as we experience them.

The mistake that was made by the Isaac scientists was to assume that, if only the understood the principles behind the equipment they possessed, they could use it. This isn’t completely impossible, but a much more elegant solution is to work backward from what we see the equipment doing, and use our imaginations to determine how something might do that. This way, we adapt our vision of the universe to our understanding of it, rather than slowly and painfully entering somebody else’s vision and contorting our own imagination to fit it.

I know that this sounds esoteric, but it actually isn’t. In fact, if you want to explore it more deeply, you can turn to the cover story on this week’s New Scientist (June 30-July 6, 2007) and read the article “How the Universe Got Its Laws and Our Surprising Role in Shaping Them.”

I digress in this way to offer some rationale for why using the crop circles in the manner I describe above will work. How it will work, of what our minds will do to enable it to work I don’t know. But, for some of us, it will bring changes that will be in the direction of greater power over ourselves and our world.

We are moving from the age of Pisces to that of Aquarius. The coming of Christ announced Pisces, which is why he is symbolized by the fish. Now, Aquarius has no specific messenger. Aquarius pours out the water in which the fish swam.

In the real world, that water was the earth and the fish is us. The pouring out of the water is the earth becoming unable to support us. Now the fish is left on the dry, hot land. His fish body is not equipped to live here–and that is literally true. Earth is becoming inhospitable. It will not be long before many, many of us die here.

Some say, ‘we must stop global warming.’ Others that it isn’t happening. Still others want it to happen because they believe it will bring about their ascent into heaven.

To see how best to do that, we need to examine the fate of a fish out of water, because that’s what we presently are. In the distant past, living creatures crept onto the land by inches, over millions of years, evolving with infinite slowness.

We have to do it in a single generation. And we can, because we have a tool that the creatures of the past lacked: the mind.

The communication that has come to us in the context of this recent sighting group is phenomenal. It is powerful. It is easy to use.

Now I would like to turn to the various objections to the Isaac material. To me, this is not very important, because the useful information has appeared whether a hoax was involved or not.

One objection is that there are no classification stamps or notations on the document. However, I have seen formerly sensitive documents that were prepared for upper management at one agency or another that were not visibly classified at all. This was done so that, if they got away, there could be deniability.

Another is that the document is too clear and precise to have been created via computer in 1986. This isn’t true, either. There were plenty of systems around that could do it. They were not in home computers, but they could certainly create this document.

A third is that this is all a viral marketing program for Transformers or the latest Halo game or something. Maybe if the production just consisted of pictures and documents, a case could be made for that, but there are now too many witnesses on tape. Are we to believe that a viral marketing campaign has also hired actors to fool Linda Howe? Whatever this is, it isn’t that.

I will be starting our crop circle meditation program shortly in the Unknowncountry subscriber section. We’ll see what happens.

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