In my last journal entry, I speculated about the possible meaning of the extraordinary “drone” photos that have recently surfaced. Now a new witness has appeared, “Isaac,” who claims to have worked on part of a project that involved the use in partnership of alien technology to create these remarkable devices. But is this true? If it is, then it is obviously very important.

As I have been doing all along, I am going to reserve judgment for now about whether or not the material he has deposited–and for that matter, the whole production of witness testimony and pictures–is a hoax or not. That is not to say that I’m not investigating. I certainly am investigating.

But for now, I am going to address the larger issues that arise if we assume that it is NOT a hoax. By this I mean that the witnesses are genuine, the pictures are real, and the material deposited by “Isaac” is authentic.

If it is, then I would say that that a test is under way of our ability to respond in a useful and coherent manner to what is being revealed, and I would like to begin by saying that I have always understood that one of the primary reasons for the secrecy has been that, if the superb technology of the aliens was revealed publicly before its principles were understood, we risked a profound cultural descent, that would result from our focusing ourselves on their greater achievements, and becoming supplicants.

This would mean that we would not be a resource but a burden, and there is no reason to expend all the time, wealth, thought and emotion that are necessary to make contact work, if the only outcome is going to be a failure like this.

Therefore, a three-pronged effort was made to engage with us without intervening in a way that would bruise our sense of independence and our self-worth.

The first part of this was the creation of a theater in the sky, that has been ongoing now for many years, and has served to make us aware of the possibility that strangers may be here.

The second part was the close encounter phenomenon, which was designed to acclimate us to new ways of thinking and to a culture very different from our own, that arises out of a mind that does not work like the human mind.

This is the part that bleeds off into the darkness of alien abduction, cattle mutilations, and all of that material. Certainly, our visitors are not angels. Indeed, despite their very different minds, they are in some ways quite familiar.

To understand what I am saying here, imagine what might happen if we discovered another planet with intelligent creatures living on it who had never encountered the outside world. First, our anthropologists would demand that we remain hidden so that we would not ruin their chances of studying the local culture. Second, our biologists would demand everything from blood to sexual material. The creatures would be abducted, studied and tagged, just as we do to lions on the veld, and the visitors apparently do to us. Third, there would be exploitation, both officially sanctioned and not so officially sanctioned.

In other words, what we are experiencing at the hands of the visitors is almost a blueprint for what we would almost inevitably do if we were the starfaring species and we were involving ourselves with creatures from another world.

I might also add that really interacting with them would probably be orders of magnitude more difficult than it is for us to interact with dolphins in any way that actually means something on their terms, not ours. We can teach them to play ball and nuzzle tourists, but we cannot speak a word of dolphin. It might be, though, with the precious treasure of another intelligent species, we would want very much to interact with them on terms that would be meaningful to us both, and not just toy with them.

This brings me to Project Caret, and, I am sure, other such projects, and the third and reconciling side of my little triad of contact.

This third part is a kind of melding of the other two, which involves direct contact with the most advanced human institutions available that could also be counted on to keep a secret. Thus large scientific institutions such as universities have been left out of this equation, while defense contractors and military elements are included.

The secrecy was not, and has never been, evil or greedy or arrogant in any way. It has been necessary to preserve us as free and independent beings. It has been abused by those among the visitors who have sought to exploit us, also, I would assume.

I can only surmise that the appearance of the drones, and now the release of materials by Isaac, is a new step in the ongoing experiment that we call contact. It has happened now because we have taken a number of steps forward, and are no longer seeing things in quite as provincial a manner as before. We can know that the visitors are real and that they have been in contact with elements of our society for some time, without being confused or deranged by this knowledge.

It is possible that this experiment will involve the general media as well. If so, then it is to be hoped that they approach the situation with the same calm and open-minded attitude that will be exhibited on Coast to Coast, Earthfiles and Unknowncountry, and that the general public will take their cue from you, the members of the public who are already aware of what is really unfolding here, and not from the various hysterics and egoists who will emerge to promote one myth or another.

The visitors are not demons. They are not angels. They have a complex living history just like we do. They are part of a vast and ancient web which is intelligence in the universe, and I think that this event may signal that it is time for us to attempt another step in the direction of joining ourselves to this great resonance.

And none too soon. We need clearance to pass many outsider technologies into the general population, because ways can undoubtedly be found to use them on behalf of the whole species and, ultimately, all the living worlds.

I have learned from firsthand observation just how wonderfully clever the human being is, and how very capable we are of proceeding another step down this road. Of course it will be difficult. It’s hard to walk at first, and our weakness has to be respected along with our strength.

Our weaknesses are all quite familiar. There are seven of them, and all seven will be playing their roles in our attempt to weave conscious awareness into the web of contact that already penetrates our society on many, many different levels. If you find this reference mysterious, click here.

But also, our virtues of faith, hope, charity, fortitude, justice, temperance and, above all, prudence must be brought to bear by us with care, dignity and determination.

We have lived with the visitors among us for a long time. The next step is perhaps for the general population to know that they are here, and for the open scientific culture to begin to take command of some of the technologies that have been made available to us.

It is, at any rate, a goal worthy of hope and prayer, for, if it were to unfold in this way at this time, our children’s children will see this as the age of heroes, when they look back on our memory from their vantage in the stars.

All well and good. In my next journal entry on this subject, absent intervening events, I will deal with the possibility that there are one or more hoaxes involved. But it won’t come right away. It takes time for investigations like this to proceed, given the care that is needed.

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The mystery of the drones has deepened with the release ofsome provocative new information allegedly taken from asecret laboratory report about the use of alien anti-gravitytechnology in exotic propulsion systems. But the governmenthas cloaked its own secrets in a cover of ‘alien technology’before so is this real?

The latest information comes from a source calling him orherself “Isaac,” and it concerns a secret 1980s activity namedProject Caret. Isaac has provided on a website that you can visit pictures of pieces of a craft designed in the same manner as the drones that have been photographed recently in Northern California, that make it difficult to believe that these are anything other than alien technology and back-engineered human technology. He has asked that his material be presented in full, so that you can draw your own conclusions. Out of respect for his request, we are providing a link here to his website. Itmust be noted that certain of the materials shown on thewebsite bear a striking resemblance to tunneling apparatus,and could have been constructed from them digitally.

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