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Will Bueche talks about his work with the late Dr. John Mack, the Harvard psychiatrist and author of the 1994 book ABDUCTION, and the 1999 book PASSPORT TO THE COSMOS. Over the years Will has been cataloging, digitizing and transcribing the sessions and writings of Dr. Mack. Will has worked closely with the John E. Mack Institute, to help keep the important work of Dr. Mack alive and available. 
Will is also an experiencer, and this is a powerful interview. The conversation went deep into the emotional experiences than define the contact experience.
A note from Mike:
I have known Will for about 10 years, and I am continually amazed at his composure and sensitivity in the face of these challenging experiences. 

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  1. When I was young I used to look at the stars and feel that beings were watching me. Not just watching but experiencing what I was doing through me.
    I remember looking up one night and shouting that If did not have a partner for this earth experience I was not going to do this because the loneliness was too great. I had not read a thing about aliens at the time but I did perceive them as beings from other planets. Listening to your interview I now realize I was right. If only I knew what the reason was! Thank you both for being so honest. What a blessing you both are.
    It’s a brave thing to do in a world were ignorant people still laugh at the mere mention of the subject. I know the listeners appreciate it. I feel like these talks are maturing onto another level.

  2. Great show ! I’m glad the Mike share is own story too, it was on purpose to say the least.

  3. What a great interview! You are on a great path. (Making the owls creepy for me.. love your books!)

  4. Dont forget Randles is an experiencer too and Emily Trim one of the kids from the South African event

  5. This whole show rings 100% true for me. Very
    powerful, took away some of the loneliness for a moment to know their are others who share this experience. Thank you

  6. WOW! INDEED…….loneliness would be difficult to endure since for the most part we are such social entities.

    Will Bueche please keep talking, please keep writing.

  7. Thank you both. This really helped me today, and I’m sure that feeling will continue …

  8. I just want to say I’ve been enjoying your show so much, and this one was certainly no exception. I was a little skeptical at first that a new podcast here would measure up, as both Whitley’s and Jeremy’s are of such high quality, but it turned out this is a terrific addition to UC. I love your wonderful, sort of gentle-spirit energy that you bring to each show.

    I’m sure this episode resonated with a lot of listeners here, as I suspect many of us feel like we sort of “don’t belong here”, as in on Earth. From childhood I feel like I’ve always regarded humanity as sort of separate from myself, even though I’m obviously (or seemingly at least) human.

    Something that struck me toward the end of the show was about the mission being over. While, like Will, I felt like my experiences slowed and eventually stopped around the beginning of the millennium, and I did have one powerful “dream” where I woke up crying because I was holding a baby that I couldn’t keep, it never occurred to me (believe it or not) that my whole “mission” here might have been just to perform stud duty, which may be putting it crudely. I guess for me it’s because I’ve always felt like the main “mission”, if there is one, has been to play some role when the aliens make their presence known. And as you perfectly described, Mike, it’s like being a spy holding an envelope that cannot be opened. Something tells me that Will could very well be right, though, and we already served our purpose.

    As to the end of humanity scenarios… despite all we hear about the sky falling, something tells me that’s not really how it’s going to go. The aliens might want some of us to *think* that’s in our future, but for one thing I believe strongly they would not allow a nuclear war and have demonstrated as much (based on accounts), nor would they allow the complete collapse of the ecosystem. As such, whether they do this in a way where they make themselves known or not, things might get rough but I feel like they won’t get impossible, and humanity as a whole will adapt. I strongly feel it’s important to regard the future with optimism, and the desire to make things better. Sometimes, there is simply too much dread in the Unknown Country content.

  9. Thank you very much for this episode Will and Mike, it really had a strong impact on me!
    This work and these interviews are so important for validation and it’s information. It helps those of us on the experiencer front to identify and recognize.

  10. I am late commenting on this due to a glitch that has now been repaired (thank you Nikki).
    I am immensely moved. Will and Mike you were both speaking out of my soul in discussion about the poignancy/loneliness. I deeply appreciate Will’s careful observations, especially about the similarity of experiencer accounts as they relate to the future. I happened to listened to the show just one day after having a profound remembrance related to the portion discussing having been another type of creature in another life. Hearing this right afterward was both confirming, and touching beyond words.
    Please consider continuing to speak, Will. Thank you Mike for hosting Will, and for adding your own meaningful voice.

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