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Cheryl Costa is a journalist, researcher and author. Together with her spouse Linda, they wrote the 2017 book, UFO Sightings Desk Reference: United States of America 2001-2015.

The first book of its kind, it presents data and analysis from over 100,000 sighting report during the first 15 years of the 21st century. This book is full of charts, graphs and tables, there is now a wealth of hard data now available and accessible to the general public, as well as the UFO researcher.

Now Cheryl is the first to admit that this is an extremely dry book, at one point in our talk she says it has all the charm of a bank ledger.

Remarkably, there was a very thoughtful 2017 article in The New York Times about this monumental project. Her statistical research is only half the story, Cheryl has also researched how this mystery overlaps with expanded human consciousness.


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  1. Fascinating interview, and it’s always nice to hear an Upstate NY accent.

  2. Really, really good interview. Please have Cheryl back with a synapsis of the data collected. That could be mind blowing!

  3. How could you not go over your time?
    This was a joy to listen to.
    Please have her back many times, not just when her book comes out.

  4. This was a great interview. Please have Cheryl back! I feel like this podcast has really started hitting its stride, especially the past few episodes. The Unseen is settling in just fine here on UC. Great work, Mike; keep it up!

  5. I had never heard of Cheryl or her work much less her experiences. I would love to hear more about her personal sightings and experiences in future episodes.

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