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Elizabeth Anglin is a lifelong experiencer, and her youth was a storm of terribly strange events. She wrote a book about these turbulent years titled, Experience: Memoirs of an Abducted Childhood. This is the first volume of a multi-part series. Elizabeth would eventually meet Dr. John E. Mack, becoming one of his first patients as he began his research to make sense of the contact experience. She worked with him from 1990 through 1997.

This interview is funny, fascinating and scary. Elizabeth and Mike dig deep into the tangled complexities of these challenging experiences.

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  1. Whitley, this interview is the best person you have added to this site.
    I know the day will come when you no longer do Dreamland. I hope it never happens.
    This guy is your best protege.

  2. What a fabulous interview. Astonishing experiences and insight! Listening to your interview with Elizabeth was very therapeutic for myself. We are all in this together and I remain hopeful that there is something happening that we as sentient beings can look forward to.

    Dr. John Mack was a rare treasure and his openness and intellect will be greatly missed. So sad … what a magnificent human being and explorer of the truly unknown.

    What is impressive is that this phenomenon is continuing and still very much active. The idea that so many people are really living the mystical life with all its challenges makes me believe that there IS a program that is designed to elevate all of us to the next level of a spirit of oneness.

    Thank You both so much, I remain intrigued.

  3. hey Mike! well done. Elizabeth was awesome.
    for Jeremy: at 54-55 of th recording….. THAT is how i feel about hypnosis for memory retrieval.
    Thats really good stuff. so, I would guess the whole string of incidents was about waking up and talking about it. Then, you have the non-humans all on you and the public declaring your drug dependence and some kinda gov’t guys giving you grief. sheesh.
    Thats a fight. Thanks for sharing,

    1. Hi Mike
      There still seems to be a stigma about hypnosis and I think this happens from people who aren’t meant to do it. There isn’t a course in the world that will be as good as someone who is born to do it. Very similar to musical composers genius/savants and etc.
      The reason “experiencers” distrust hypnosis is that the ET’s use that as a strategy to prevent them from knowing what’s happening to them. I also don’t know anyone who “leads” people and leading is nothing most hypnotists and hypnotherapists do. It’s a myth that is out there. For example, when you tell someone you do hypnosis 99.9% of the time the person asks if you make people believe they are chickens. It is astounding how this hearsay becomes the mainstream belief system for most humans. Using that as an example, there are other cliches that people also believe about hypnosis. I think the et’s simply have the controlling upper hand and can feed people these one liners which become beliefs. “Leading” is an eye roller for me and It simply is in the minority. Hypnosis and regression is the fastest way to gain insight. Information, illumination, improvement and peace. It’s too bad most people do not understand the power and profundity that hypnosis actually is. I see it all the time. Every day. All around. The ignorance is STRONG.

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