1. Thanks Trish,
    These forecasts enable navigation through difficult times & a great reference to consult throughout the month. It’s use is invaluable I find when friend or family member is facing challenges and guides one to better application of our energies.

  2. I’m glad they’re helpful! They also keep me current with each month.

  3. amazing that some turn out in my job search….
    always look for retro time

    august 23rd- revise/review/reconsider !

  4. Thank you for doing this.

    It would be much easier to hear and understand without the background music.

    It would also be tremendously easier if you could list the times when you begin each sign’s forecast, so we don’t have to search back and forth for ours.

  5. I’ll ask our producer about it. He’s the one who puts it all together. But thank you for the suggestions!

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