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Rick Bettua served thirty-two years as a U.S. Navy diver and is back to tell us more about his incredible survival stories that are now featured in his book, BREATHE: A Master Diver’s Survival Tales. He finished his career in 2008 as a command master chief petty officer and master diver, then returned for another three-year stint as an advisor, retiring in 2011.
In October 2004, he became the Navy’s command master chief of salvage diving, and in that role, he managed the world’s largest and most diverse diving command with more than 250 personnel operating throughout the Pacific and Indian Oceans as well as Iraq and Kuwait. Rob is quite familiar with Rick’s story since he edited his book. After Rick retired, he moved to Queensland, Australia where he is married, and has two children.
One other thing, if you think this introduction doesn’t sound like a typical mystical underground interview that explores the paranormal and mysteries of the unknown, you would be wrong. Rick’s story is not without some mind-blowing synchronicities, intuitive experiences and a touch of other-worldliness as well.

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  1. Great guest and interview (again). Makes me feel a little inadequate, but it’s also inspirational to know what’s possible if you focus and dedicate yourself to a cause. Bravo, a genuine hero!

  2. Glad you enjoyed. I love listening to Rick talk about his experiences.

  3. WOW. I’m reading the book now. This guy is amazing. Great interview and book. THANK YOU!

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