Join Rob for a special Halloween episode as he reads from Trish and Rob’s short story collection “The Outliers”…

“The Devil’s Chair is a story based on an urban legend about a brick chair that faces two gravestones in a cemetery in central Florida, north of Orlando. The cemetery is located outside the spiritualist community of Cassadaga, which offers weekly ghost tours of the town. In this story, the spookiness is enhanced when a reporter looking for a Halloween story visits the cemetery at midnight as he investigates the urban legend.”

*MacGregor, Rob; MacGregor, Trish. The Outliers. Crossroad Press.

Available in print and digitally on Amazon:

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  1. Took me this long to hear this! Home with sick leave on a work day, what a treat to hear this story! I feel better already (not being dead and all, hahaha). Great tale, many thanks !!!

  2. The chair actually exists in Cassadaga, a dichotomy since in this town of Spiritualists, everyone talks to the dead!

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