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Drawing from subscriber comments, and building on the last three episodes, we take a magnifying glass to the juncture where Visitor phenomena and human interpretation intersect. This is the deep conversation ufology deserves, but will continue to be incapable of having, so long as it buries itself in footage, documents, and talking points.

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  1. I really like these
    I really like these monologues, and comments on comments. Does ‘experience’ have no value if it must, at first, exist only in the context of the illusion that is ‘us’? There is room in Reality for Illusion, and one cannot deal with one without dealing with the other. When a human being first revolts against ‘illusion’ it begins a movement in that individual that holds the promise of eventually completely separating the two, but that process rarely occurs in an instant; it’s a journey, and perhaps a long one, but can be valuable and fulfilling even long before that final step is reached.

  2. Jeremy,
    Great show. Lots of


    Great show. Lots of ground covered. I think your approach to the subject is spot on. Inward, not outward.

    I loved the line about the man in the woods with a flashlight. Whitley is a hero. 🙂

    The following thoughts occurred to me as I listened. The following well known sayings seem the best way to encapsulate the thought. If I know where I first read the saying, I’ll include that.

    “That which we seek is also seeking us.” -Ibn Al Arabi, quoted in “Jung’s search for God”, L. Stein. Re: That there is no “other”, here; “it” is “us” (And my leaning: each of those are aspects of what is ultimately one thing: consciousness. ).

    “Everywhere we go, there we are.” Cultural maxim found the world over. Generally accepted folk wisdom. Re: On the fact that we tend not so see that “it” is about “us”. Transference.

    “It is no sign of health to be well adjusted in a profoundly sick world.” -Krishnamurthy; Re: the current state of the ufo discussion, and the world in general. 🙂

    “Who speaks the truth should have one foot in the stirrup.” -Arab saying.

    Great show.


    1. SD,
      “I loved the line about

      “I loved the line about the man in the woods with a flashlight. Whitley is a hero. :)”

      I think that could be said about many of us here at Unknown Country. Our experiences are all over the place. Many of us have a flashlight in the woods, not knowing what we will find or how we will find it, or how we’ll feel about it when we find it, or recognize it if we ever do. I do understand Jeremy’s reluctance to validate hypnosis. I’ll be the first one to acknowledge that I’m not sure it ‘works’ or not, especially if another party is ‘leading the witness’. But, if one happens to get more insight about what’s going on within, even if it presents itself as’ another life’, it can be both profound and scary at the same time. Turning the flashlight into the face of the person that may be the source of fear, questioning, and doubts, and high strangeness, only to find oneself caught in the beam, is nothing to sneeze at. Maybe we are our own ‘worst fear’ because we are truly ‘The Great Unknown’ and unwilling to acknowledge it. We just think ‘The Great Unknown’ is death…

  3. Hey Jeremy,
    another enjoyable

    Hey Jeremy,
    another enjoyable ramble.
    – learned experience(s) ? What came to me was….. WHAT IF when you learn something, arent synapsis connections created in the brain, creating new info highways? would that be passed down genetically? Would that be a way of doing some hybrid-ism? …some kind of man manipulation? That might be an interesting study …to see the changes that might occur in the brain with the approriate level of fear. Is it that old “crack the egg” thing?
    Say Dreamer,
    from last post, it wasnt you creating interference… sometimes the show posts and im the first in it to post on the board. SOMETIMES Im a bit quik on the draw and the “pink message” pops and tells me no… no post for you! then later, i’ll come in once I see comments and post then.
    *shrug Good luck Jeremy.

  4. thanks, HG. I appreciate
    thanks, HG. I appreciate your clarity. I also consider it was a good thing for me to pay attention to what i post… so it was a good thing. : )

    Cosmic Librarian… another great post!

    Jeremy, a lot to take in from this show…you alway lead me to new understandings. (I misspelled it as “now” – think both “now” and “new” are accurate : )

    Stay safe… and may the toxic fumes disappear from the environment.

  5. my error…
    my error…

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