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This week’s guest covers a slew of different types of experiences but the two concepts that stand out from repetition are an all-absorbing blackness after death and ghosts just wanting to be recognized before they move on. But are things as they seem? Or are we projecting? As always, there are few answers and an avalanche of questions.

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  1. With apologies to Cyndi
    With apologies to Cyndi Lauper:
    “The ghosts… just want to be know-own,
    Ohhh, gho-o-osts… just want to be known.”

  2. Useful Truths?
    Useful Truths?

  3. Akward….hippie stuff…:-)
    Akward….hippie stuff…:-)

  4. Prescient dreams and visions;
    Prescient dreams and visions; not uncommon in my life.
    Maybe I should be a guest … [joke]

  5. Bad, bad, booooring
    Bad, bad, booooring .

  6. Lots of DREAM-TALK in this
    Lots of DREAM-TALK in this interview and thought some of you might enjoy this…..These are WONDERFUL people imbued with knowledge/wisdom.

    The men of the Fifth World…….
    “And again awaken the RAINBOW SERPENT.”

  7. I liked it.. Thank you! It’s
    I liked it.. Thank you! It’s not unlike all the random incredibly odd stuff that has happened in my life.. 😉

  8. Fascinating show–this is why
    Fascinating show–this is why I listen to the Experience. A great data point by which to understand this universe we occupy, told by someone who is naturally humble and self-effacing. Michael, if you have not found it yet, perhaps you could use the power of intention to bring into your life that which your heart most yearns for–whatever it might be. A sat guru? A special teaching? Or a special experience–or connection to beingness? Thank you for sharing.

  9. Have not listen the show yet,
    Have not listen the show yet, but I know Jeremy will bring the subject into focus!

  10. Lorem, you just brought a
    Lorem, you just brought a question to mind…do you think we need a Guru?

    I was just trying to think of an analogy…maybe a SatNav (probably your mention of a Satguru brought that to mind!)…anyway, with a SatNav, you know where you are, where you are heading, what points of interest you can look forward to on the journey and what the destination is…but does that not take the fun out of exploring?

  11. If we could turn back time
    If we could turn back time and have green engery how would our world be changed? My hope is all that happened here on earth is recored for others to see and avoid the mistakes we have made. Are these entities a recorder of now to make a near perfect world? Are we a petri dish for the eternal?

  12. Jeremy, I think that you did
    Jeremy, I think that you did an amazing job in subtly nudging the interviewee back to the central points of the interview. You have great skill for this, and it’s not the first time that I’ve heard you do this – with aplomb.
    IMO, what could’ve been a long session of free association did have a central core, and you kept that in sight. If anything, I came away with the notion that life is, indeed odd, and often not at all logical. As a side note, I’m glad to hear that music writes the soundtrack to peoples’ lives, as well as to my own.
    Thank you so much, Jer!

  13. Hi Jeremy, I have also
    Hi Jeremy, I have also experienced that undifferentiated area, the nothing. I was terrified that I would be trapped there forever. But I heard a voice tell me to yell for help. I thought that since there was nothing, there could not be anyone to help. But the voice told me to yell for help anyway. And I did. Obviously help arrived, but it took another 30 years or so before I heard anyone else explain what that empty place was. I believe the explanation was that the undifferentiated area was a place where one could create freely just by imagining things. (Just like in “the Never-ending Story”) 🙂

  14. In his book ‘Lucid Dreaming’,
    In his book ‘Lucid Dreaming’, Robert Waggoner refers to a sometimes reported ‘gray state’ between dreams, where the dream imagery collapses. If the lucid dreamer is able to sustain focus through this period, a new dream will often emerge. He ponders whether this void, or gray state, may represent unexpressed potential, or the dream matrix. If you’re interested, Robert also did a Dreamland interview back in 2009.

    1. Thank You!
      Thank You!

  15. How much of anything that we
    How much of anything that we perceive are we projecting?

    It seems to be a collective game of give and take, in my experience.
    Reality that is.

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