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Frankenstein Monster Cavemen. GMO Human Beings. Species eradication at the flip of a switch. In a slight departure from regular programming, Dr. Tyler Kokjohn returns to illuminate some of the darker science looming on the horizon. If some of it sounds like it fits in nicely with abduction testimony… it just might.

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  1. A real buzzkill reality!

    A real buzzkill reality!

  2. This is a conversation I did
    This is a conversation I did not want to hear, but I needed to hear. The veneration and worship of “scientists” and “Science” as the priests and Deity of this age must end immediately.

  3. Hi, Jeremy!
    Speaking of

    Hi, Jeremy!
    Speaking of buzzkills, as james day was, I’m afraid I have two bones of contention about this week’s episode.
    First, although I’m a subscriber, I’m only able to get the NON-subscriber feed. I’ve signed in several times, but it’s always the same. I’d love to hear the whole thing.
    Second, I’ve noticed a few times that your guests have what we call “mouth clicks”, where a lack of saliva causes somewhat unpleasant clicky and even slurpy sounds while they’re talking, distracting from the subject matter. The solution is simple – a mouthful of water will moisten things enough to pretty much eliminate the clicks.
    SORRY to a perennial pain in the patootie, but I’m guessing that as a person of high standards, you want to present the best show possible – That’s why I made that suggestion.
    Again, THANKS so much for your wonderful presentations! Please keep it up.

  4. Garf, after logging in as a
    Garf, after logging in as a subscriber, go to ‘The Experience’ and click on ‘Open up Pop-Up Player.’ You should be able to listen to the entire episode…

    Listening to this episode took me back to one of my science classes in high school. I remember vividly Mr. Schmidt telling us that humans and chimps were so genetically close that they could mate and produce offspring, but that they could not find a chimp willing to go along with it. ( As I laughed my head off, the rest of the class sat there with puzzled expressions. Any who….)

    Great interview! I started out as a biology major in college, switched to theater, then dropped out after two years and eventually became a professional banker, then made my way into public health. After all these years I am still a closet scientist, so I keep up as much as possible with everything from physics to biology and beyond. I also have read science fiction since I was about 10 years old, so there isn’t much being done with science today that shocks or surprises me, but much of it concerns me a great deal. I probably know just enough to be dangerous and also question all of it, and I wish many of these scientists would talk to me before they go off half-cocked with their new ideas and creations. Of course I am kidding about that, but I do feel that it would be a good idea if scientists could have some intelligent non-scientists, or those from other fields, to bounce their ideas off of before they actually do anything. Ethics appear to be lacking, as well as the broader implications of what they are attempting to do. Like Jeremy, I see everything as connected, and I even question the wisdom of eliminating any kind of species, including mosquitos and ticks. Are they problems and pests? Yes. But total elimination through genetic manipulation or even gene drives.? I’m not so sure, and it doesn’t feel right either.

    Please plan some future interviews with Tyler. He brings compelling perspectives and a viewpoint unique to ‘The Experience’. After all, he is having an experience too!

    1. Thank you so much, Cosmic! I
      Thank you so much, Cosmic! I will try that.
      LOVE that joke that your science teacher made! It’s hilarious – and I don’t quite understand why more students didn’t laugh. Ah, well…
      LOVE your idea of having professionals consult with informed lay people regarding new ideas and creations. Contrary to the “too many cooks…” proverb, I believe that a variety of input could help with focus, clarity and possibly solving unseen problems.
      I further agree about the dubious “wisDUMB” of eliminating species seen as “pests” or “unwanted”. After all, even the extremely deadly Clostridium Botulinum bacteria is now helping vain and self-absorbed obscenely affluent people maintain the illusion of youth!

  5. DaveGarf…….I read your post
    DaveGarf…….I read your post earlier this morning, (will listen to the complete interview later today) you said, ” I’ve noticed a few times that your guests have what we call “mouth clicks”, where a lack of saliva causes somewhat unpleasant clicky and even slurpy sounds while they’re talking, distracting from the subject matter. The solution is simple – a mouthful of water will moisten things enough to pretty much eliminate the clicks.

    Your comment must have triggered a thought/memory. A short time ago I am going into my morning meditation when “mouth clicks” keeps coming into my thoughts. WHAT THE HECK IS THIS ABOUT? I found this.


    1. Yes, the !Kung San bush
      Yes, the !Kung San bush people of South Africa’s Kalahari Desert. It’s fascinating to listen to them speak, isn’t it? If the scientist’s theory (in the YouTube vid) is correct, maybe we all clicked our way through language at one time.
      Was there some underlying reason that that may have popped into your head, do you think? I would love to know if there was a reason that that apparently random thought crossed your consciousness.
      On a darker note, the alien hunters in the Whitley-based SyFy Channel show, “Hunters” also have a language based on a series of clicks. Frankly, it creeps me out to hear that on my TV – Don’t know what they’re doing to process it, but it seems menacing to me.
      Carollee, please keep up the wonderful insights here in these pages! I look forward to your inputs, and they often give me insight into alternate approaches to the shows here. Thanks!

      1. DaveGarf……I too am aware of
        DaveGarf……I too am aware of the ‘click language’ but was not even thinking along those lines when I sat down to meditate. What did surprise me is how strong and persistent the thought was; I stopped meditating to see if I could find something on YouTube. Perhaps by simply seeing the words “mouth clicks,” my mind/thoughts/memory did a search until there was a match to what it already knew or to something it could relate to? Sort of like a computer search?

      2. The aliens in the movie
        The aliens in the movie ‘Signs’ also had a language based on clicks.

        1. Sherbet, I was just about to
          Sherbet, I was just about to post the same thing about ‘Signs’ until I read your post…

          Also, I did not notice any clicks in the interview, just some fascinating conversation…So the direction of this thread of comments is real interesting…

          1. Maybe I should ‘splain a bit
            Maybe I should ‘splain a bit as to why I’m sensitized to audio anomalies like that…
            I’ve always had an interest in sound and recording, and pursued a career as a recording engineer. I was recording music and things for much of the eighties and nineties. One of the things that we had to be very aware and careful of were anomalous sounds produced in the mouth and vocal tract, and my ears became very sensitized to these, as it was my job to deliver the best quality possible.
            It may also be the tiny speakers on this-here laptop accentuating the treble-rich content, but I haven’t tried listening with headphones/buds. Maybe I’ll give that a whirl.
            Anyway, you’re right, Cosmic. This thread took on a life of its own, and led to some fascinating insight. Thanks, all!

  6. And what a tantalizing
    And what a tantalizing thought “…a mouthful of water..”
    Where are we going with this? If something/someone is
    too close for comfort, we can hear the sounds of clicking & saliva moving about…somewhere, there is truth in all of this about a comfortable distance. For me, this is an excellent topic for my own Meditations. Thank You All !

  7. No subscriber version this
    No subscriber version this week?

  8. Where’s the subscriber
    Where’s the subscriber version?

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