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Is there a link between visitors and the dead? Is there a biological link between the experiencer and visitor phenomena? These are the questions taken up by guest Rob MacGregor. His new book Bump In The Night: Ghosts, Spirits and Alien Encounters presents cases that force us to rethink whether the boundaries between paranormal and “alien” experiences exist, or if we placed them there to make sense of it all.

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  1. Jeremy… Rob MacGregor, you
    Jeremy… Rob MacGregor, you described a vision during one of your meditations. Here is something that happened during a conference at Sedona, Arizona in 2002.

    I know this post is long but as it was happening not so much. How much is simply IMAGINATION and how much is truth will probably never be known but nevertheless here it is.

    It was sponsored by the A.R.E. (CREATIVE SPIRIT 2002). I have typed out this experience from a journal that I kept with me at the time. Here it is.

    May 8, 2002-VORTEX… Pleiades/Seven Sisters.

    Ceremony started at 9:10am by John Dumas. John chose the location.

    John is playing a flute, didgeridoo, rattles and singing bowls. We are laying on our backs and the group has formed a circle with our heads at the center and feet facing outside like spokes in a wheel. While standing inside the circle he plays the didgeridoo above each body until he has completed the circle. About 5 minutes into the ceremony I see a swirling blue in my mind’s eye reminding me of a dance. There is a male and female superimposed in an image. Out of the blue swirling comes an etheric dragonfly with a rider on its back.

    Now in front of my face I see a lizard face THEN a circle of lizard looking people outside of our circle, they are dancing. Their arms are up and their hands (palms) facing down. They are moving/dancing in a circle going to the right.

    Now another circle of lizard people has formed inside the larger one but they are dancing to the left. The first circle to the right and the second circle to the left.

    Now I am slammed with the image of a large eye swirling around and then see a human nose. The nostrils are swirling in my line of vision along with the eye. They are watching John play the didgeridoo.

    Now the lizard people morph into real animal lizards and climb back into the rocks. I watch them leave and look up towards the cliffs. There are people standing there painted with all of the colors of the rainbow. Each one lifts an arm and out of a finger tip comes either a gold thread or web. It shoots out of a finger and is received by the other rainbow person until each rainbow person is connected with this gold type thread. They are all aware of the ceremony going on here.

    Now I see that John’s instruments have been removed from the center of the circle and replaced with a fire. There are skulls and bones dancing around this fire, moving toward the right. They now turn and look at us, they have started to grow hair and new skin to cover their bones thus becoming real physical beings.

    Now I see a large tent covering the whole canyon. It is shaped like a triangle.

    I came out of this event shaking like a leaf and took me quite a while to come back from it. I never opened my eyes until the ceremony was over.

    1. Thanks for that. Very
      Thanks for that. Very interesting. Would you care to explore this on the show?

  2. Good interview Jer and Rob!
    Good interview Jer and Rob! Good to know Rob is open to different perspectives on this subject. My only concern is the grouping of hypnotic retrieved memories, from events that are remembered naturally.

    1. I hear ya. I’m purposely
      I hear ya. I’m purposely staving off the whole hypnosis issue until episode 10.

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