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Some people feel called to preach. Others, called to an occupation. Thad McKraken feels called to the occult. Perhaps “feels” is the wrong word to use when a shadowy being in a cloak materializes and snaps you out of your sense of normalcy. For Thad, that’s exactly what happened. Let’s discover what he’s done with the calling thus far.

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  1. Hol-leeee f#@k!
    I haven’t

    Hol-leeee f#@k!

    I haven’t listened to this episode yet, but last night was the first time I’ve ever attempted Remote Very using RV protocols….

    Guess what my chosen target was?????






  2. Ahhhh!…
    The aggravation of


    The aggravation of Android Auto Correct!!!!

    That’s supposed to say “Remote Viewing”

  3. Ok, ok, ok…
    This is just

    Ok, ok, ok…

    This is just unreal in the funniest sort of way…

    So I’m not much for using swear words in such a open forum either, but it’s funny (yes I mean that as both in synchronise and as in ha ha) that both the episode and my post started that way…

    But beyond that, the synchronicities continued for the first half of the episode. I won’t go into all of it (because there’s a bunch), but I will say that Thad’s description of our world outside of time as a luminous layered sphere is VERY similar to elements that I came up with during my RV session…

    To say the least, my brains are all over the ceiling, walls and floor of my room because my mind is officially BLOWN!!

  4. Ok.
    Firstly….. MUSHROOM

    Firstly….. MUSHROOM KING.
    i have heard tale after tale about folks “doing” mushroom eventually meet the Mushroom king.
    Next, I appreciate the parallel between shamanism and occult as was stated, but its probably easier to grasp by saying… these entities are represented by things in our dictionary. They may be completely different -OR- they may be the same type of entitiy wearing a mask that is in your dictionary. as in dreamtime, the spoke word “creates a reality. The guest doesnt need to get the word out to other ears… just bring the word into this reality. The faster the better.
    Lastly, its my impression regardless of his speech … he knows “things.” Or has been exposed to “things.” he may be hyped up simply because theres a lot of “stuff” in there that has to come out.
    Im dizzy now.

  5. Thad McKraken: Called to the
    Thad McKraken: Called to the Occult. Thanks Jeremy and Thad for this interview.

    Below are a couple of articles I found interesting regarding hypnagogia/Genetics and Environment Influence Sleep Paralysis.

    Mostly I want to comment on this interview because a friend was telling me last week that her young grandson (age 11) came home from school wanting to talk about genetics. He was intrigued with a gene(?) and how it protected the body from acting out during the night/dreaming.

    “Researchers examined this genetic link more closely by looking at variants of a gene that is involved in control of circadian rhythms, the 24-hour biological rhythms that help to govern sleep-wake cycles. They discovered that people with certain variations of the (((PER2 gene))) were more likely to have experienced sleep paralysis. The study also found people with disrupted sleep, as well as people who experienced anxiety, stressful or traumatic events were more likely to suffer episodes of sleep paralysis.”

    Many years ago when I was a young woman I had such an experience. I had fallen asleep on my couch, woke up suddenly but could not move my body. I heard footsteps (steps creaking) coming down the stairs from the second floor and at the same time I saw another myself half out of body and partially stretched out over the coffee table. I kept trying to move and after a short time was able to do it. Things returned to normal. I have only had a few of these occur in my life.

    There are children being born into this world with heightened abilities. They start seeing hooded entities waaay before any mind altering substances.
    These children interact with these entities, have no fear and trust them.
    After trust has been established information starts to be shared between them HOWEVER the named child is the only one able to see these hooded entities.
    These children are probably of genius status BECAUSE they bring with them at the time of birth ALL memory or at least the part of memory they will need to help humankind in the life.
    These children are sprinkled all over the planet, some of them will get caught up/lost in the sensuality of life on this planet.
    There will be a percentage of children that DO NOT. These children (if properly guided/supported) could be our future scientists, holy people, knowledge/wisdom keepers; OUR HOPE.

  6. Hi Carollee, thanks for the
    Hi Carollee, thanks for the links… I just read the Huffington post link but was surprised that it only mentioned hypnagogic states (where you can be conscious of dreamlike sensations before sleep) but neglected to mention its counterpart hypnapompic states, which are upon awakening. It is in this latter state that I once experienced ‘sleep paralysis’ then being able to ‘see’ with my eyes closed.

    At a period in my life when I was at incredibly high stress levels, when attempting to sleep, it was as if I could hear hundreds of different conversations all overlayed on top of one another. Occasionally I could pick out part of it clearly…it was fascinating in a way, all voices I did not recognise…nothing directed about or to me but talking about random stuff, just like I was in a large theatre during a break, with everyone chatting amongst themselves. I wondered at the time whether I was hearing people’s thoughts, or maybe even the dead, as there seemed way too much going on at once to be just generated by my own consciousness… but I am far from an expert in these matters. All I know, is that as the stress levels dropped, so did my ‘ability’ to hear them.

  7. Fascinating. . .
    Fascinating. . .

  8. Um, this guy needs a session
    Um, this guy needs a session with Robert Bruce. And/or a Catholic priest. That’s all I’m going to say.

  9. Not feeling this dialogue;
    Not feeling this dialogue; guest seems scattered. possibly a Gemini, like me? 😉

  10. I don’t know, the idea of
    I don’t know, the idea of consulting entities, even if they’re ancient and non-physical, for the final word on Cosmology seems somehow and in an ultimate sense misdirected. Of course all entities have their own point of view, and undoubtedly our native point of view as physical humans is particularly limited, but it’s part of the paradox of the universe that Truth is no one’s exclusive possession, nor is any being, including us, barred from discovering it all on our own, no outside help needed.

    I have nothing really against what Thad is doing, but then one’s man’s answers are anothers distraction.

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