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The Experience returns next week. Happy Thanksgiving!

Hypnosis. What is it doing? What is it not doing? What else is it like? These questions are but a few, for certified hypnosis practitioner James Hazlerig, in this episode host Jeremy Vaeni names as one of his favorites.

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  1. Hey Jeremy, James H.

    Hey Jeremy, James H.
    Thanks for being on and speaking with an authoritative tone.
    I might be a victim of “fake news.”
    I dont think remote viewing is fake news; nor do I think “non-local” conscience is a fabrication.
    starting at 22:00, “remote viewing” & “mezmerism” lumped into a same box of imaginary stuff. (Lets play with stuffed animals. Real tigers and bears bite & scratch)

    To balance the books, i can see where “leading” questions can create falsehoods.
    Yes, the “placebo effect” is a real thing.

    looking at a 3D cube printed on paper doesnt make it a solid cube.

    I can trot out “politicised” scientists that claim climate change is not as bad as you might think and there isnt anything man can do as a species that would effect the world climate on such a grand scale as to damage the ecosystem.

    So, long and short of it…. its all good.
    luv ya,

    1. Heres something to
      Heres something to remember….
      belief & intention can create/manifest in this reality.
      Without the belief, “things” have no power.

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