The White House was put under lockdown on November 26 after radar operators at the Capitol Police command center spotted a mysterious, “slow-moving blob” on their scopes just south of the National Mall. The radar return prompted the US Capitol to be placed on “restrictive access”, and military aircraft wereread more

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences has eliminated virtually all references to climate change on its website, according to a report from the Environmental Data & Governance Initiative, published on August 20. Similar removals were made earlier this year to the official pages of the EPA and the White House, in line with the climate-change denial policies espoused by the Trump administration.

The Obama administration is expected to release a 28-page set of classified documents that reportedly discusses the potential support role to some of the 9/11 hijackers played by Saudi officials, in preparation for the 9/11 attacks. Release of the documents had previously faced opposition by both the Bush and Obama administrations, on national security grounds.

In a study commissioned by the White House, the National Academy of Sciences has concluded that global warming ?is real and particularly strong within the past 20 years? and said a leading cause is emissions of carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels. The panel of 11 scientists produced its 24 page report in less than a month.

This is after Bush stated that he wasn?t sure that global warming was real during his Presidential campaign and enraged Europe by reversing a campaign promise to limit CO2 emissions from power plants.