The British Government has introduced a bill to formally recognize vertebrate animals as sentient beings.  This will be a key part of the country’s broader plan to improve the state of animal welfare in the UK. If passed, the new law will put the potential experience of the individual animal,read more

An anonymous source says that the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense could reopen its UFO Reporting Desk, depending on the outcome of the Pentagon’s upcoming report regarding UAPs, due at the end of the month. More commonly known as the “UFO desk”, Secretariat (Air Staff) Sec (AS) 2a was disbandedread more

The UK’s Ministry of Defence has released the majority of a series of 18 long-awaited UFO files to the National Archives, but have still withheld three of the documents. This release lacked a press announcement publicizing the event, and the files themselves aren’t available online, as they have yet to be digitized, and are currently only available for mail order or viewing in person at the Archives. And the three files that are sill being withheld are prompting UFOlogists to question what the holdup is — and what exactly are in the three missing files?
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Meteorological officials in the United Kingdom are warning that the upcoming winter season could arrive early, and see both record snowfall and low temperatures. The conditions are expected to either reach or surpass conditions in the winter of 1962-63, when temperatures plunged to -20ºC.

The cause for this bleak forecast is due to the recent weakening of the Gulf Stream current in the North Atlantic, of which would normally bring warm water to the UK from further south. This situation is also being exacerbated by the current period of reduced solar output, and may be affected further by the super-El Niño currently being experienced in the Pacific.
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