Join Trish MacGregor for a reading from Trish and Rob’s new book, The Shift! Just out of sight and mostly outside the awareness of mainstream media, a shift in consciousness is underway that’s beyond religion, politics, and science as we know it now. It’s an accelerated perception shared by millionsread more

Join Trish and Rob for a conversation with… Melvin Morse is a former Critical Care Physician who studied the near-death experiences of children at Seattle Children’s Hospital. He has published several books and scientific papers on near-death experiences, spiritual healing, remote viewing, and the entire range of spiritual visions surroundingread more

Join Trish and Rob for a conversation with… Philip Merry is the author of The 9 Keys of Synchronicity, a book that grew out of his Ph.D. research. Dr. Merry is a British native who lives in Singapore. He has led workshops in leadership training for more than four decadesread more

Join Trish and Rob for a conversation with…

Alexa Blye is a California native, a Baby Boomer, and a family therapist living in Southern California, with her Goldendoodle Penelope. Growing up she was influenced by the social unrest and changes of the Sixties, and has been a social justice advocate beginning when she was in middle school, then high school and college. Alexa went on to become a family therapist and 10 years ago began specializing in working with survivors of narcissistic families – where one member— sometimes a parent, other times a sibling; still other times a spouse, suffers from narcissistic behaviors. The reality-bending gaslighting, manipulations, and isolation leave family members suffering from complex post-traumatic stress – often knowing something isn’t right but they can’t put their finger on just what it is…after time, some members succumb to chronic self-doubt and must find themselves again. Though semi-retired, with a private practice in Southern California, Alexa continues to commit herself to making a positive difference in people’s more