Angel Millar sheds light on the mysterious journey of the soul in this deep dive into the meaning of our lives. He explains the three stages of initiation that we can attain over the course of our lives, what each one means and why we need to understand it inread more

On August 11, 1676, sister Maria Crocifissa della Concezione, a Benedictine nun with the Palma di Montechiaro convent in Italy, was found unconscious in her room, her face smeared with ink, with an undecipherable letter written in an unknown script clutched in her hand. Although she did not remember the origin of the letter, nor could she and her sisters decode the cryptic writing on it, they concluded that Sister Maria had survived a battle with Satan, having refused to sign a letter written by the demon denouncing her faith.
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When most people enter a movie theater, they sit and are passively entertained. Then they leave and forget about it, or so they think. The truth is, that the movies enter our imagination, using the power of light and shadow to influence and change the unconscious. In understanding this, there is immense personal power, and Robert W. Sullivan DOES understand it!

Listen as Robert W. Sullivan draws on his immense trove of esoteric knowledge to explain the hidden meaning of movies like the Ring Trilogy, Star Wars and the Matrix. You will come away from this with a totally new vision of our world and the hidden power of the creative people who give it meaning.

Listening to this interview is a profound and deeply empowering experience.
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We are counting down the week to Halloween here at Unknown Country! Whatever your personal beliefs about this archaic and arcane tradition, this is a good time to examine the shadow-sides of our personality and the importance of recognising the purpose of the dark side in each and every one of us.

The term “shadow” was first used by the psychologist Carl G. Jung to describe the denied or repressed aspects of the self. We are conditioned to believe that we should exist only in Light, but without the darkness light would not be thrown into focus. Life is an endless struggle to bring light and dark into balance, to learn from this battle and in the process grow and expand our consciousness.
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