In a paper briefly published on a NASA server in mid-September, Google detailed the outcome of a computer experiment wherein a quantum computer solved a computational problem that would otherwise have been practically impossible for a traditional supercomputer to have performed, and in doing so having achieved a milestone knownread more

An international team of researchers has definitively proven that quantum computers can hold a significant computational advantage over classical semiconductor-based computers.

Although quantum computing elements have been available in D-Wave Systems‘ series of computers for over a decade, there has been a great deal of controversy over whether or not the performance increases demonstrated by these computers are actually due to quantum processes, and not simply efficiencies hidden in the computer’s code or hardware.
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Quantum computing’s elusive promise has always been computing power that approaches the infinite, and machines that are not just as intelligent as human beings, but far smarter. But building a computer that takes advantage of quantum indeterminacy has been difficult–until now.

A Canadian startup company is currently marketing a viable quantum computer system, aimed at solving complex problems for researchers.
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