The internet is packed with looney, unproven nonsense about the past, the future, UFOs, aliens, ghosts and practically anything else paranormal or unusual that you can name. But what’s the REAL story? Listen as a skilled professional investigator tells William Henry about some of the real secrets he has uncovered during his extensive research into the edge of reality.

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Dreamland was delayed due to file damage that has been repaired. We regret the inconvenience. Think Men in Black are a movie joke? Think again. What Nick Redfern has discovered is, frankly, terrifying. The MIB phenomenon is real and its growing, not getting less. But what does it mean and WHO ARE THEY? Nick is one of the best paranormal researchers around, and this show is evidence of his expertise. Did you know that MIBs appear not only in connection with UFO events? Did you know that there is evidence that they might be an ominous portent of our own future?read more

Anne Strieber started out dismissing the early contactee stories as silly, but closer examination has led
her to understand that they are part of a continuity with modern close encounter witnesses, and not only
that, the message of the visitors, from the very beginning, has bee astonishingly consistent.

Find out what that message is and ask yourself, ‘shouldn’t we listen?’

Nick Redfern and Anne Strieber in a powerful conversation.

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The early contactees with their tales of meeting beautiful blonds from Venus are almost universally dismissed. But should they be? Nick Redfern, in his new book Contactees: a History of Alien-Human Interaction, uncovers some little known facts that will make you think twice. Jim Marrs calls it, "a revealing look at alien contact." To find out why listen to this very surprising discussion between Whitley Strieber and Nick Redfern.

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