This week’s Dreamland show talks about the sinister forces that are all around us?specifically Nazis, who, despite what most people think, HAVE NEVER REALLY GONE AWAY.

But at least some of them have finally been defeated: Phil Davison writes in the Independent that Paul Schaefer, an 84-year-old Nazi who ran the Nazi compound in Chile known as Colonia Dignidad for 45 years, since 1961, (that Peter Levenda personally investigated) has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for the abuse of 25 children. This enclave was supported by the secret Nazi community in Chile, and most of the outsiders who strayed inside?or were kidnapped?were never seen again. Chilean investigators are now searching nearby areas for their remains.

Rupert Cornwell writes in the Independent, and CNN also reports, that The CIA knew the that Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann was in Argentina more than two years before he was captured by Israelis, who kidnapped him and smuggled him to Israel in 1960, where he was tried, convicted and hanged in 1962. Newly declassified US documents reveal that his location was kept secret by the US, although we learned about it in 1958, because of his anti-Communist influences in East Germany.

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At, we know there are lots of things of government would like to keep secret and we believe in sinister forces! If YOU think it’s getting so it’s NORMAL to be paranoid, maybe you’re RIGHT.

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