An angel has been appearing in Whitley’s life recently, and she’s brought physical healing and a healing message as well.

This is the deceased mother of the goddaughter whom I got that urgent message to contact after I awoke from my coma 8 years ago.

About a week ago, Whitley said, "I had the most incredible dream last night." He had dreamed that Amy’s mother (I’ll call her Sue) had come to him and showed him how happy she was now. She was living in a commune with a son and a loving husband (three things she would have loved to have had in life, but never did).
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Do you have an earthbound spirit in your house? How do you tell, and, if you do, what is to be done? Marla Frees asks Mary Ann Winkowski these questions and receives some very surprising answers. If you grant that we live in a world that is also shared by spirits, then this discussion is going to offer some of the most practical advice you will hear anywhere. For example, when people are oppressed by hauntings, they sometimes try talking to the more

This week’s Dreamland with intuitive Penny Peirce was recorded some months ago and scheduled for this weekend. It turns out that it’s a perfect introduction to our offering for subscribers this week, which is about the vibratory energy that was experienced in the close encounter that Linda Moulton Howe reported on last week on the show.
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