An angel has been appearing in Whitley’s life recently, and she’s brought physical healing and a healing message as well.

This is the deceased mother of the goddaughter whom I got that urgent message to contact after I awoke from my coma 8 years ago.

About a week ago, Whitley said, "I had the most incredible dream last night." He had dreamed that Amy’s mother (I’ll call her Sue) had come to him and showed him how happy she was now. She was living in a commune with a son and a loving husband (three things she would have loved to have had in life, but never did).

I knew that Whitley was very stressed over a dear friend in Texas who is being treated for cancer–in fact, I think that stress may have contributed to his recent back trouble.

He was puzzled by the life he’d seen her "living" after death, but I interpreted it this way: "Sue wasn’t telling you about what was LITERALLY happening to her, she was telling you that, in death, she’s found true joy, and she wants you to know that if our friend dies, she will too."

Sue was an excellent massage therapist and when ANOTHER angel (but a living one this time) came to our apartment and did a healing for Whitley recently, Whitley said that he almost went out of his body and he could feel someone physically massaging him, even though our healing friend hadn’t laid his hands on him.

I’ve learned that ghosts can sometimes touch people physically. I said, "That was Amy’s mother."

It looks like Sue might have decided to be our guide and helper for awhile, and that’s wonderful–these are dark times. Whitley is still in great pain and several projects that we had thought might come to fruition seem to have faded away, so we can sure use a little aid from the other side.

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  1. Anne, I would like to appeal
    Anne, I would like to appeal to all of the meditators out there; subscribers or not. All we need to do is go to that higher part of ourselves and see Whitley WHOLE and HEALED. Whitley has given so much to us, it is NOW time for ALL of us to give BACK to him…..(NO pun intended).

  2. I’m sort of stressed over
    I’m sort of stressed over Whitley’s back issues. I am so sorry to hear that several projects you thought might come to fruition seemed to have faded away. I too have had my share of disappointments recently. More so with certain people I had come to “trust” (if that is the appropriate word) than with business or professional plans…

    As I mentioned to someone on the message board: Meditate, do your best to live out your life with integrity, try to open your heart as well as your mind, forgive yourself and everyone else on the planet. There is no place for fear only love and peace.

    Not that you don’t already know this but I just thought it might brighten things up if even if only to cause you to smile.

    I have had my shoulder tapped several times this year more than at any other time I can remember.

    I have had my experiences with”angels” as well…

  3. YOU’VE been an angel to me
    YOU’VE been an angel to me many times, Anne, with your wise and HUMOROUS diaries. You look at life the right away and have inspired me to do the same. May your dark clouds soon be blown away by a laughing God! (You wrote about that too, in your diary “God Laughs and Plays”).

  4. Anne, I am so sorry to read
    Anne, I am so sorry to read about Whitley’s continuing back injury. As a fellow sufferer, I truly hope he finds relief (just as I recently have.)

    Thank you for allowing the “divine” that is within you to reach across time and distance to “touch” us. It is a lovely part of life (and, I think and hope, a taste of what is to come.)

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