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When it comes to the afterlife, Dr. Brian Weiss has gone from skeptic to believer–while remaining a rigorously disciplined scientist.

As a traditional psychotherapist, Dr. Brian Weiss was astonished and skeptical when one of his patients began recalling past-life traumas that seemed to hold the key to her recurring nightmares and anxiety attacks. His skepticism was eroded, however, when she began to channel messages from "the space between lives," which contained remarkable revelations about Dr. Weiss’s family and his dead son. Using past-life therapy, he was able to cure the patient and embark on a new, more meaningful phase of his own career.

Listen as Marla Frees explores the amazing past life findings of one of the great explorers of the subject. As a formally trained academic and scientist, he initially did not believe that past lives could be real, let alone that they could be remembered.

With the publication of his huge bestseller "Many Lives, Many Masters," he described some of the most convincing past life research ever done.

Now, with "Healing Power," he describes the transformational power of exploring past-life traumas that haunt our present lives.

His website is

You can attend one of Brian Weiss’s events. To find out more, click here.


Marla is a transformational psychic medium.

As a psychic, Marla  is able to see, hear and feel any aspect of a persons life: their career, home, business, relationships, health and even the family pet.

Marla also mediates between the living and the dead as a medium. She sees what the dead want to show us, she hears what they say and she feels their emotion. 

She does this work privately, in small groups in her office in Los Angeles and over the phone internationally.

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You can learn more about Marla Frees here.

Marla respects the anonymity  of  clients including  doctors, lawyers and entertainment industry executives. Marla also works pro bono for law enforcement agencies on a case to case basis. and Whitley Strieber are not responsible for claims made by guests or hosts.

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  1. when you talked about your
    when you talked about your grandson it made me cry. literally pulled at my heart strings. it is so what i want for my grandchildren. would like to be part of it but so willing to give it up for them.

  2. Every time I hear a sincere
    Every time I hear a sincere person talk about the true essence of life and death, I remember very similar thoughts and feelings I had when I had a near-death experience. The LOVE and the PEACE I felt was literally “beyond all understanding.” I wanted to continue to dwell in it forever, but was told that that wasn’t my “time.” I find it hard to say, but I am still grieving and missing that “place” through all these years (about 40) that have passed since then.

    I see places where I can make a positive difference in the world and I am so grateful to have a loving husband and son. Even so, I know there is SO MUCH MORE that I want to, but can’t, “access.”

    I feel a “closeness of spirit” with so many people in my life, including Whitley’s meditation group, even tho it’s “past my bedtime” and I haven’t been able to consciously participate. (This spiritual closeness is a constant occurrence in my life. I could tell you stories… 🙂 This is the sweetest “gift” I could imagine.

  3. An incredible treat for me to
    An incredible treat for me to hear Dr. Weiss and Whitley collaborate—FINALLY. A dream come true. And I’m so happy to hear Dr. Weiss briefly explain to Whitley his future progression anecdotes. While Whitley may talk in terms of years or decades, Dr. Weiss, through his informal analyses of the people he’s progressed, talks of a longer unfolding that lasts hundreds of years and that we are starting at a point where we, on a deep level of consciousness, have a choice in the matter—whether we decide to create our earthbound world that is just, sustainable and peaceful or go about our destructive ways and fall into the muck of evolution. The work people like Whitley and Dr. Weiss are doing must reach out far into the future. The story about your grandson is extremely poignant. As the old saying goes, with every birth of a brilliant child comes the promise that God hasn’t given up on us yet!

  4. The universe we live in is
    The universe we live in is massive. When we add an infinite multitude of other universes, it is the incomprehensible multiplied by the unimaginable. Yet this only makes up half of existance, the incarnate, time-linear living part. What decisions do we make on the other side? Are we bound to incarnate by natural force until we can overcome the inertia, or do we choose to return for purposes we cannot see while manifest on this side? I have no clear image in my mind of what other universes may be like, so imagining the after-life, pre-life, inbetween-life seems like too large an assumption to make. If we consider every part of the grand multiverse in all of its angles and dimensions to be “here,” where are we, what are we, when we are not here?

  5. Dear dear Whitley!
    Over the

    Dear dear Whitley!
    Over the years I have heard you express so much frustration that your message is not being taken seriously, or not at all. It was such a relief to hear Dr. Weiss’ account of the Buddhist monks telling him he was doing all he needed to do, that his story was indeed being heard. And here is Whitley Strieber, one of the most credible, prolific, intelligent, sincere, well-informed teachers who has enlightened SO MANY of us!
    Please do not fret, Whitley, for the truth of your message is most assuredly “out there!”

  6. I am happy to say that Dr.
    I am happy to say that Dr. Alexander, who is the neurosurgeon mentioned in the news report above, will be on Dreamland on October 27. (For those of you who don’t know, his is probably the best-documented proof of the existence of a soul independent of the body that has ever been presented.) Dr Alexander’s website is

    Of course, the skeptics are frantically saying that Dr. Alexander’s experience proves nothing. The problem is that his neocortex was not functioning in any way at all when he had his experiences. So where did they come from? Where did they happen?

    This is going to be a great Dreamland, believe me.

  7. Whitley – I can hardly wait.
    Whitley – I can hardly wait. The ‘weight’ that people like Dr. Brian Weiss & Dr. Eben Alexander bring to these taboo issues (taboo in mainstream science), is immeasurable.

    Here’s hoping that such efforts gain traction and the question of death progresses past such puerile answers such as “consciousness is created by the brain and once you die, consciousness ends too”.

    Imagine what science might look like if our scientists didn’t have this knee-jerk reaction every time the subject of OBE and UFOs came up.

    Whitley, have faith. The message IS getting out there. Maybe not as fast as possible, but it’s critical to keep plugging away at it. Your work has led many, like me, down roads that they never knew existed.

    My best wishes to you and your staff 🙂

  8. Another great interview from
    Another great interview from Marla! Really interesting subject. Makes me want to try a regression! Can’t wait for the interview with Dr Alexander!

  9. I have experienced facinating
    I have experienced facinating past life regressions that have both been profoundly humbling and inspirational for me. I’ve come away from it with a feeling that I’ve had thousands of past lives. Its given me a compassionate perspective about others who are ‘younger souls’ so that I dont judge them as harshly. Been there done that. They too will learn. I’m the peace-nik I am now becasue I have warred and been warred against in other lives. Its a free will planet and we get to try out all sorts of behaviors here. I also have been incredibly wise in other lives and aspire to be that and more in this one.

    Now I’m at a point where I care deeply for the health of the planet and all of its inhabitants. I see how we can all live well together and have fun and thrive. I hope to have more chances to reincarnate and help turn civilization toward there goals. I I’ll keep working toward doing this for the rest of this life too.

  10. Whitley, I just wanted to let
    Whitley, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed Marla’s interview with Brian Weiss. In fact, the interview prompted me to purchase a number of Brian’s books and CDs. On a personal note, I’ve always enjoyed her self-deprecating humor when relating personal stories and the insightful questions she asks in order to advance the interviews.

  11. I am fascinated by this
    I am fascinated by this subject, Brian Weiss is certainly a pioneer in his documentation of past lives reported during hypnosis. I have attended one of his workshops and it was both powerful and interesting. Despite the fact that Dr. Weiss has been on the past lives circuit for many years now, Marla brings a refreshing and authentic approach to the subject. I am absolutely looking forward to the Eben Alexander interview mentioned in previous comments as it promises to be a ground-breaking, unique account of the soul surviving beyond the physical body. Bravo to Marla for bringing these conversations with fabulous authors to the always innovative Dreamland stage.

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