If it seems like the days are running by faster than ever before, that’s because they are…  June 29 of this year was the shortest day on record, with the Earth having spun 1.59 milliseconds faster than the 86,400 seconds that pass in a typical day.  Although the rate ofread more

We all know about leap YEAR, but what about leap second? As 70 UN nations argue over whether to abolish it, there’s actually a war going on over time.

Leap year adds a day to February every 4 years, while a the leap second is added every few years in order to synchronize the world’s scientific timekeepers–atomic clocks–with the earth’s rotational cycle. The next leap second is scheduled to be added on June 30, 2018. Atomic clocks, which were created in the 1950s, rely on the precise way that electrons jump around in atoms.
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