A five-year investigation into Havana syndrome, conducted by television news magazine 60 Minutes, has uncovered evidence that individuals stricken with the debilitating condition may have been the victims of deliberate attacks using directed energy weapons, conducted by members of a covert Russian assassinations squad. Although the evidence presented does not appearread more

  Havana syndrome is a “genuine and compelling” phenomenon that is probably caused by a “pulsed electromagnetic energy” device of unknown origin, according to a declassified report on Anomalous Health Incidents (AHIs), the official designation for what is colloquially known as Havana syndrome, prepared for the Director of National Intelligence. Generated by anread more

An in-depth investigation by the U.S Intelligence Community into the cause of the mysterious affliction commonly known as “Havana syndrome” has found evidence that the individuals stricken with this debilitating ailment were not the targets of foreign adversaries, such as Russia or China. Investigators hailing from seven different intelligence agenciesread more