This was found in samples of shrimp purchased in New York. Researchers have found evidence of antibiotics–one of them a suspected human carcinogen–in seafood imported into the United States and purchased from grocery store shelves. The antibiotic nitrofuranzone, a probable carcinogen, was found in two of the samples–one from a farm in India and the other from Thailand. Both samples were 28 and 29 times higher than the amount allowed by the FDA.
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Fish are taking antidepressants–at least they’re absorbing them in the water they’re swimming in. It turns out that fish exhibit abnormal behavior and lower levels of anxiety when exposed to Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs), which are common drugs used to treat depression. This has implications not only for the environment but for communities planning to begin wastewater reuse programs.
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Increasing numbers of deformed fish and crustaceans being harvested from the Gulf of Mexico have prompted officials to close fisheries from Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle so that the situation can be studied by scientists and the situation evaluated. It is increasingly likely that the BP spill and the chemicals poured into the Gulf by the company have led to what will become a mass extinction in the regions waters. read more

An angry glare from the family goldfish might not be the result of a missed meal, but a too-humble abode. Fish in a cramped, barren space turn mean. Ornamental fishes in aquariums big and small, across the US, might be at risk, and that’s over 180 million of them.

And talk about aggressive fish–it’s known that the evolution of land animals began when the first fish jumped out of the water, and it’s still happening today: a biologist witnessed a small amphibious fish jump with apparent skill and purpose out of a small net and back into the water. Aggressive behavior among pet fish can be seen as a series of displays and attacks separated by at least a second. Displays are body signals such as flaring fins. An attack could be a nip, chase, or charge at another fish. read more