Increasing numbers of deformed fish and crustaceans being harvested from the Gulf of Mexico have prompted officials to close fisheries from Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle so that the situation can be studied by scientists and the situation evaluated. It is increasingly likely that the BP spill and the chemicals poured into the Gulf by the company have led to what will become a mass extinction in the regions waters.
On his blog, Stuart Smith writes, " Alarmed by widespread reports of visibly sick, deformed seafood coming out of the Gulf of Mexico, state officials have closed area waters to shrimping (on April 23). The waters will be closed indefinitely as scientists run tests in an effort to get a handle on a situation that is fast becoming a full-blown crisis on the Gulf Coast.

"The closures–including all waters in the Mississippi Sound, Mobile Bay, areas of Bon Secour, Wolf Bay and Little Lagoon–mark the first official step in responding to increasingly urgent reports from fishermen and scientists of grotesquely disfigured seafood from Louisiana to the Florida panhandle.

"The move is yet another major setback for the once-legendary Gulf seafood industry as it continues to struggle under the devastating impact of the BP oil spill, which began in April 2010.

In the Guardian, Susanne Goldenberg reports over 700 dolphin carcasses that have washed up on Gulf shores in the last two years, since the BP disaster. Scientists are evaluating their tissue for evidence of exposure to hydrocarbons from the runaway well, as part of the lengthy process of accounting for environmental damage to the Gulf. Biologists assume that for every carcass that washes ashore, there are more than 10 dolphins whose bodies are never recovered (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). The true figure for dolphin deaths due to the oil spill could be 50 or even 250 times higher. So 700 dolphin carcasses, now stored at freezers awaiting analysis, could represent a true death toll of up to 175,000 of the animals.

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