For a limited time only: Get a FREE 2008 calendar with every order! – Since they started appearing, the general media have been laughing and lying about crop circles. However, in recent years, the laughter has died away, because the formations have become so intricate that nobody can come close to making anything, with any sort of tool, that even remotely resembles the more complex ones. In 2007, Whitley Strieber discovered a new way of using the circles for meditation, and his crop circle meditations are posted in the subscriber section. So now we know that the formations are more than just beautiful and uplifting pictures. They have a powerful potential to reach our minds and souls in an entirely new more

Includes Upside Down Plants – Overnight on May 13-14, one of the strangest groups of crop formations ever seen appeared on a farm near Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands. Three large circles were created by something that flattened and scorched the crops, leaving odd changes in the remaining stalks and in the soils. The owners of the field heard and saw nothing, even though the circles were formed just steps from their house. Their dogs did not bark and their horses remained undisturbed. The damage to the crop in the circles was total, and the affected plants are dead and will not grow back. Ridges in the soil suggest that it had been worked with some sort of tool. The ridges form an imperfect more

Cropcircle country in the UK is not only a place where intricate patterns appear overnight in the fields. Recently, a flock of sheep formed a mysterious circle there as well.

The January 25th edition of the Daily Mail quotes photographer Russell Bird?who took the amazing photograph you can link to below?as saying, “I was quite taken aback. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.”

He then saw another circle of sheep three fields away, but before he could take a picture of that one, the sheep dispersed. Each circle lasted about 10 minutes.

To see this incredible circle, click here.
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Our wonderful crop circle calendar is now $3 off! Those of you who listen to Dreamland know that it was an extraordinary crop circle season, and Lucy Pringle is now signing people up for her annual crop circle tours, which will take place on Wednesday, July 30 and Tuesday, August 5, for 15 to 20 people each. Keep reading for details.
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