Anne & Whitley are THERE now! – Anne & Whitley Strieber are in the UK seeing them in person RIGHT NOW, so you can be sure that they’ll have lots to talk about during our next subscriber chat on August 11. This is a perfect time to announce that our 2011 crop circle calendars have arrived! These make perfect gifts and since there are still 5 months left in 2010, we have a special offer: If you order both calendars together, you’ll get $4 off if you use coupon CC2.

Art credit: Lucy Pringle

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One of the most fantastic crop formations that has everappeared was immediately destroyed by an outraged farmereven after he was paid to allow time for scientificresearch. He accepted the payment, then, moments later,wrecked the formation with his tractor. Fortunately, famed Mexican UFO researcher Jaime Maussan, who has the right philosphy about UFOs and crop circles, was in the formation and managed to take the fine close-up photos reproduced here of the delicate, three-dimensional swirls that had appeared, two of which appear in this story.
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On Wednesday, July 14 a guest on William Henry’s Revelations offered the opinion that most of the crop formations of the astonishing 2009 season were probably manmade. After the program, Whitley Strieber commented privately that what was needed was a formation so extraordinary that it ended the debate, and enabled us all to begin to address the much larger question of what they REALLY are. Between 4:00AM and 5:18AM English Summer Time on the 14th, in the famouseast field near Alton Barnes, just such a formation had appeared.
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