For a limited time only: Get a FREE 2008 calendar with every order! – Since they started appearing, the general media have been laughing and lying about crop circles. However, in recent years, the laughter has died away, because the formations have become so intricate that nobody can come close to making anything, with any sort of tool, that even remotely resembles the more complex ones. In 2007, Whitley Strieber discovered a new way of using the circles for meditation, and his crop circle meditations are posted in the subscriber section. So now we know that the formations are more than just beautiful and uplifting pictures. They have a powerful potential to reach our minds and souls in an entirely new way. They are, in short, a communication from a sublime level of reality, and one we are learning to how to take advantage of through meditation. For 2009, Lucy Pringle brings us a new crop circle calendar, which is not only beautiful to look at, but also, with its glorious images, a powerful assist to Whitley Strieber’s directed meditations. The West Kennett “Gateway” circle included in this year’s calendar is the centerpiece of one of Whitley’s most powerful meditations. Don’t miss the 2009 Crop Circle Calendar! PLUS, because of the recession, we’re going BACK TO 2002 PRICES! $22.50 this year, $26.50 last year!

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