Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin have developed a novel method of combating one of the suspected causes behind colony collapse disorder (CCD) that has been affecting beehives around the world: genetically-modify the bacteria that live in the insects’ guts. Although there has been a number of proposedread more

Mysterious sheep mutilations have been occurring in the Niali region of India, with over 180 animals being killed since last June. The afflicted sheep are reportedly found with their livers removed, and although government officials are blaming the attacks on a "mysterious animal", possibly wolves, all attempts at capturing the assumed creatures have failed, and following the report of two men being attacked, the region’s villagers are forced to keep watch through the night.

"On Thursday night, the mysterious creature had attacked two males in Baharana village. If any loss of human life is reported then administration will be responsible for it," according to Bharat Sahoo, a resident of Baharana villiage.

Amongst the many problems that our species is expected to face as time goes on, one of the bigger ones is how to feed a burgeoning population in the face of potential famine and transportation interruption. Many novel concepts have been explored, including growing animal-less meat in a vat, but a new idea, using cockroach milk to nourish the hungry, has been put forward by the Institute of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine in India.